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        I recently saw the first two episodes of Netflix’s miniseries Rebellion. It revolves around the Easter Rising of 1916, the rebellion that kicked off unrest in Ireland against the British for the rest of the century.

        The acting is pretty good and makes you think about how people perceive a political situation differently. It brings to mind the possible garish juxtaposition between the romantic notions of rebellion vs the realities. “Sacrificing for the cause” sounds a lot better upfront than it does while you’re actually bleeding out.

        Check it out.

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          I wanted to check that out last week but the wife was not receptive to it. I think I’ll send her away for the weekend sometime soon. B-)

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            the wife was not receptive to it

            For what it’s worth, there’s a hint of romance, as a side story.

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              I’m about halfway through the first season, I guess it is. The first wave of engagement is over, and it’s a tad bit slow. But I know enough of the actual history to keep paying attention to which characters are still “active” and the content of conversation, for how the directors are framing the next wave.

              That in itself, is something many people don’t actually notice about insurgencies. It’s not just one time-frame of hostilities; it goes on decades and generations.

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