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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        Well Max and then Wheelsee expressed interest…

        In fact, can we post a list of blogs here, that we recommend people do not read? I mean, not because of opinions or whatever, but simply to warn people of ignorance?

        Good idea….the more I learn/read, the more I’ve become aware of issues.

        BUT I didn’t know what I didn’t know back then……still don’t B-)

        The easiest way to pass a falsehood is to couch it in the truth – then SME take it apart, helping the rest of us.

        First understand I do not closely follow many specific blogs and when I do I am not looking for one’s that reinforce my view of things. I do not need some blog to legitimize my beliefs.

        I want my views to be questioned in order to avoid being mislead by misinformation. Many of these sites; whether intentional or not, put pressure on your emotions. Angry and/or scared people do not think rationally.

        So what I propose is post up a site for me to check out and I’ll conduct an analysis.

        I am not going to tell you what sites you should or shouldn’t read. I read many sites that are not good sources, but this is to monitor what the various kooks are up to.

        After I provide data on particular sites feel free to post your thoughts whether you agree or disagree.

        There are several sites I have already addressed in other Threads that I will bring relevant data and a link to original here.

        Once sufficient data is available I’ll sticky a list of our ratings.

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          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

            The following is from a Thread that Max started “What is the Truth Behind WRSA (Western Rifle Shooters Association) Blog?”

            The following is my response…

            Even a cursory examination of the backgrounds WRSA and it’s related overlapping blogosphere reveal mostly people who are not what they portray themselves as.

            Here’s a review of my previous work related to this WRSA nonsense.

            First some general history for those unaware or new.

            Max has been having periodic run ins with the WRSA crowd since at least April 2014.

            Max made many attempts to work with other trainers with the goal of establishing standards. The real point of the Rifleman Challenge was part of this goal.

            He has attempted to be involved in efforts to promote Rightful Liberty.

            6) We must build an online national movement for Rightful Liberty. I am happy to host that here and on the MVT FORUM. Either that or wherever it is best suited. WRSA. Whatever. It must avoid bickering and stay on message with Rightful Liberty and Rationalism. No conspiracy theories or stuff that the sheeple have been well trained to identify with doomsday prepper nut jobs.

            Many have advised Max to not get too worked up over these posts, but that is not in Max’s nature. When confronted with “Bad Advice” to our community Max will be there with his unique style to confront it.

            There are worse traits to have! :yes:

            I have been critical of the WRSA Commenter’s in general and “Concerned American” in particular.

            From: February 6, 2016

            Concerned American recently wrote:

            “Dissension in discussion is fine and should be welcome.”

            This has been a theme at WRSA for some time.

            I personally think many people would consider some of his great free speech dissension to be the blabbering of a den of lunatics.

            I can’t help but wonder how many people read some of the outlandish comments and leave, thinking what a bunch of nuts.

            Do not mistake WRSA and its variations as representative of the opinions of the Right in general or even the so called “freedom” community.

            Here is some amplification of what I wrote concerning this.

            Again from: February 6, 2016

            According to data from SimilarWeb in December 2015 WRSA had 130K visits, average time on site was 3 minutes 57 seconds, 1.59 page views, and a bounce rate 62.05%.

            Note: Bounce rate is an Internet marketing term used in web traffic analysis. It represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave (“bounce”) rather than continuing on to view other pages within the same site.

            So let’s eliminate the bounce rate; which certainly skews the average numbers, to consider the corrected average numbers. (Note: this also takes into account and eliminates an average 2 second time to bounce and the single page viewed for the 80,665 people who bounced.)

            So when the 49,335 viewers of WRSA spend 4 minutes 7 seconds viewing 1.87 pages, the question becomes should we view it’s content; particularly the comments, as representative of the “Liberty Movement?”

            I would say no it isn’t even close to an accurate representation, of course at this time I lack the information for this to be conclusive.

            From: February 7, 2016

            My hypothesis is that there is a large segment of potential members of this movement that haven’t found a home of like minded people. They will not be brought in by the angry rants of kooks.

            On this Forum we have members that are Doctors, Lawyers, LEO’s (current, former, and retired), Military (current, former, and retired), various professionals, rural to urban, with ages ranging from teens on up. We are representative of this Rationalist community.

            Lets go back another year to 2015 to a Thread relevant to the current WRSA discussion.

            From: February 4, 2015

            The recent discussion and attacks by some at WRSA help to demonstrate the fallacy of “The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend.”

            The character and goals of those we associate with are far more important than the perceived value of additional numbers to the goal of restoring Rightful Liberty. Yes the idea of compromise can be wise and fruitful, however not at the expense of our core values and goals.

            There are many in the so called “Patriot Community” that don’t want Rightful Liberty; they want a Nation that would conform to their beliefs and would use force of arms to demand obedience to them, this is the antithesis of Rightful Liberty.

            They talk “Victory at any Cost” in their quest for power. Yet they are really just Cowards like any school yard bully. This is demonstrated by their proposed methods and statements. This was very apparent when discussing the possibility of a contract to fight ISIS. The how dare we consider fighting Evil abroad while leaving them alone, as if they expected us to fight in their place here at home.

            I’ve read comments by these cowardly “keyboard kommandos” advocating atrocities against innocents in a variety of ways. They have proposed targeting woman and children for the crime of being related to a member of a future OPFOR. Then hide behind such euphemisms as “All is fair in War” or “The End Justifies the Means.” These fools are either so deluded by their own fantasy visions or are true sociopaths. Of course it’s easy for them to think such is the bravado of a warrior when the closest they have been combat is video games and movies.

            So regardless where they come from there can be no compromise or alliance with these people. They cannot be trusted now when times are easy, imagine them when times are hard!

            In this case the “Enemy of my Enemy” is just another damned Enemy!

            Here are some quotes from the Thread Change at WRSA: indicator? in the Information & Intelligence sub-forum.

            It’s purpose was twofold, to give a relevant example of an “Indicator” in regards to Intelligence and a not so subtle way to highlight issues regarding “Concerned American.”

            From: March 28, 2017

            After many years of almost no limits* on comments, why the sudden change?

            *Concerned American (CA) WRSA Rules for Comments:

            1) If it ain’t sending the commenter or me to jail today, it stays, unless rule #2 applies.

            2) Unless of course you piss me off.

            Here is an example of a acceptable comment:

            tfA-t – oh fuck you.

            coward bitch

            you fucking snitch

            Another question is what motive does/did CA have to not only allow, but encourage this type of behavior by people who comment?

            By what definition could this be considered a constructive exchange of ideas?

            CA’s somewhat cryptic “He has a purpose. He is not only what he appears to be.” has been stated more than once in varying forms as a type of justification.

            A powerful tool for manipilation of human behavior involves provoking anger in people, not only can you learn much about their character, but it is possible to get them to reveal otherwise hidden information about themselves.

            This maybe one of “TooFats” real roles. However as noted below CA is easily provoked by questioning his authority and these instances of him “losing it” have been very revealing.

            CA’s background was some type of former fed.

            I haven’t dug through my notes yet, but I seem to remember him as a former Federal/State Prosecutor. I’ll post more when I get a chance to look it up.

            tfA-t lost his damn mind on that one.

            His role seems to be a provocateur, where his true loyalties lie remains to be determined. I tend to believe many people have compromised themselves by falling for his antics.

            I have no real facts to back it up, but I would not become involved with CA or his ilk under any circumstances. His motives are far too clouded and his actions are suspect in my opinion.

            Once I asked him why he does not moderate the idiots. He lost his mind and we had a falling out for a while. I cannot understand how if you are trying to help a cause, you would not massge the narrative on a private website. Some real nujobs there.

            He also insists on posting from the of dubious tactical virtue, such as DTG. He told me once that it is about keeping content up.

            That’s the common denominator to this, it has nothing to do with people arguing, name calling, or talking insanity.

            That doesn’t bother him.

            It’s only when people question him with why, then it’s suddenly too much to handle requiring a break in comments.

            He goes absolutely batshit crazy when people question why he runs things the way he does!

            Or question his authority? :yes:

            There is something hidden from view, an emotional component we’re not aware of.

            The craziest nut (tfA-t) on there “has a purpose and he is not only what he appears to be.”

            But when CA is questioned this is his reaction:

            Fuck you.

            I am not a censor.

            You know it. You’ve been here long enough to know the rules:

            1) If it ain’t sending the commenter or me to jail today, it stays, unless rule #2 applies.

            2) Unless of course you piss me off.

            Do you and anyone else who is so distraught over tFat’s shenanigans realize how 4th grade such worries are?

            The elites of the world are establishing an inescapable panopticon to hold the world’s population while they select the “lucky commoners” who will receive the privilege of slaving for the elites.

            The ones not chosen?

            So sorry. You all were killed in the Great BioFlu of 2025 or whatever is the name they assign to whatever manufactured agent the elites use to murder 90% of the world’s population.

            And in that context, grown fucking men — many of whom pride themselves on their prior military service — are pissing themselves because some dude they’ve never met is being an asshole.

            Holy shit.

            Everybody needs to grow the fuck up.

            Holy shit. What a festering puddle of weak sauce.

            Comments will be suspended while I decide if I can bear to see the hopelessness of the fight for freedom demonstrated 100x or more every stinking day.

            Consider his ending comment “…if I can bear to see the hopelessness of the fight for freedom demonstrated 100x or more every stinking day.”

            This guy thinks he’s important and at minimum he’s a Authoritarian.

            Those that have followed my Posts over time will remember my warnings about trading one tyranny for another, after victory?

            Freedom is a his way or the highway kind of thing for this guy.

            Notice how he trivializes and insults others thoughts on this:

            “Do you and anyone else who is so distraught over tFat’s shenanigans realize how 4th grade such worries are?”

            “And in that context, grown fucking men — many of whom pride themselves on their prior military service — are pissing themselves because some dude they’ve never met is being an asshole.”

            Try looking up narcissistic personality disorder and compare to his comments.

            From the Thread Because Fuck You That’s Why!!!

            So basically, I fell foul of a psyop. Interesting. But my thoughts remain the same!

            More interesting, given the other thread on WRSA, is that I saw it posted on there. Agenda regardless of facts, or fact checking?

            Agenda regardless of facts, or fact checking?

            Fakenews in support of an agenda is not a monopolized tactic of the Socialist Propaganda Machine.

            Many fringe elements support its use!

            The common thread that binds such diverse ideologies together is the lack of respect for the target audience.

            “Concerned American” seems to have a hidden agenda to promote and does not respect the readers of WRSA, but works to manipulate them for this agenda.

            From: April 11, 2017

            (BTW: anyone else think the TFA-T character is CA’s alter ego?)

            Interesting observation. I suspect even if not literally, then in a figurative sense yes. They seem to have a symbiotic relationship in pursuit of a common hidden goal.

            Consider the Thread The WRSA Debacle.

            How does “Concerned American’s” agenda reflect his continued support of MDT and DTG?

            Is there a possible correlation to WRSA’s support of various people, groups, and causes that hamper the efforts to increase the effectiveness of those that support “Rightful Liberty?”

            Happenstance or intentional?

            Individually any of these events are seemingly random, but the picture does change somewhat when viewed together over time.

            If we assign malice of intent to these events I suspect MDT and DTG are really just useful pawns exploited by their own desires.

            Whether it is a egocentric or monetary motivation is unclear, maybe both.

            It’s interesting to note that the vast majority of “Experts” CA promotes are essentially “Wannabes” with little to no real world experience beyond training in those fields.

            CA’s agenda is potentially more of a problem, it would be difficult to muddy the waters more even if it was unintentional.

            It could be just a “control” issue related to ego, there are many psychological conditions that could be in play, or there could be a subversive agenda. A certain degree of overlap is also possible.

            Of course I/we must question my/our own bias.

            Identifying patterns is important part of situational awareness.

            Is this a true pattern?

            Again the various events seem less random collectively and it’s important to note my above post did not address every event observed over the many years of observation.

            From: January 27, 2016

            I’ve talked a lot about agendas in these posts.


            Are agendas somehow evil or wrong?

            Of course not, we all have agendas to further our goals and ideals.

            However it is important to try to learn about others agendas to determine how it affects our own. Are others agendas compatible with our beliefs and goals? This must be answered to our satisfaction in order to avoid supporting or getting involved with any cause that is in contradiction to ours.

            We must be vigilant to possible hidden agendas by others.

            Events such as this must be viewed through facts, not rhetoric.

            Remember the Ebola fears, many of the same people that were predicting the end of society are the very ones hyping this situation.

            Beware of getting information from people that are continually predicting doom and gloom that never quite happens.

            We certainly live in perilous times, but avoid the stress that many others offer.

            We have very diverse backgrounds and experience on this Forum that has consistently been correct in it’s analysis and consistent in it’s views and mission.

            Re-read the MVT Vision and Intent and keep focus on this agenda.

            Consider the “Why?” with those that are always fanning the flames of the current threat.

            With the number of legitimate threats we face, what is to be gained by fearmongering?

            It certainly prevents critical thinking and rational thought.

            Considerations when reviewing any analysis such as this.

            Consider the source (author). What do we know about this source?

            What is my history regarding analysis of various topics here at MVT?

            Does anything stand out as an exaggeration or just seems suspect in your view (obviously this is very subjective and can very greatly with your world experience).

            Am I prone to exaggerations or “tin foil” theories?

            Remember, what you identify as as fact or assumption maybe incorrect or subject to review based on changes and updates to known data.

            Examine information for bias, this maybe your first indication of deception and/or a agenda by the author.

            Is there any demonstrable bias that would lead you to suspect a deception within my analysis?

            Remember we should always be asking ourselves such questions when you read, listen, or watch someone’s work.

            This isn’t paranoia, it’s critical thinking and analysis. ;-)

            What is CA’s true agenda?

            Is it worth the effort to find out?

            I think the people that such information would actually make a difference are already in the more “Rationalist” camp.

            For those that insist, yes WRSA can be a place to find links to various articles, but at the risk of being sucked into their world of lies and despair.

            I have proven to my satisfaction that WSRA is overall counterproductive to our community.

            Everyone else will need to decide that for themselves.

            Giving above I do not recommend WRSA for anything beyond a measuring stick of what the kooks are thinking.

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            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

              Well this Blog comes up frequently whenever Ebola is in the news.

              Raconteur Report is by an individual who goes by Aesop.

              Look Ebola is one of many potential threats out there and yes it is dangerous, however adding to ignorance and misinformation does nothing except boost these fearmongers site traffic statistics.

              One the most prolific of these fearmongers is someone who goes by the name of Aesop from the Blogs Raconteur Report and WRSA. This is a true “the sky is falling” chicken little!

              If he was correct we would already have been living the last four years with the surviving 10% of society. :wacko:

              Whenever Ebola makes the news he tries to push his crazy point of view. How people can continue to follow and listen to him is beyond me.

              He has been spreading this nonsense since at least 2014.

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                Many have advised Max to not get too worked up over these posts, but that is not in Max’s nature. When confronted with “Bad Advice” to our community Max will be there with his unique style to confront it.

                I’m still laughing about this one Joe. So diplomatic. B-)

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                  I though Joe had a lovely way with words too!

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                    I used to hop on WRSA just to see what craziness was being spouted, images of white maidens juxtaposed against hordes of hard, Latino faces were a theme and I was usually only two clicks away from discussion of “negroids” or Jewish conspiracies. Just swung by and it seems surprisingly mild in comparison now.

                    …Actually, nevermind, just scrolled a bit more and there’s an image of Mao saying “Enjoy your black people” with an article of images of half-naked tribesmen and shirtless looters.

                    Ignoring the dumpster fire that is WRSA and back to the point, this guide is worth learning. If you see a lot of loaded language, weasel words, you might be reading something intended to rile your emotions rather than present you with hard facts.


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