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        This is not a bad video. Some really bad music you will have to ignore. This is the same recruit platoon that was in the ‘Paras: Men of War’ series that I posted.

        The way it works is that each recruit platoon will have it’s own P Company selection event. It is slotted into their training. P Company also run ‘all arms’ selection courses for others wanting to serve with airborne forces. P Company is where you earn you maroon beret – either as a Para (i.e. these recruits), or capbadged for your supporting unit. The recruits then have to go to Jump School where they earn their wings, then back to do a final exercise before graduating (i.e. passing out).

        I recall when PO Company was 10 events. It is 8 in this video. I do recall that they combined the steeplechase / assault course back when I was running recruits through. They also seem to have got rid of one endurance event, it used to be an 18 miler then a 12/6 miler on consecutive days. Now it appears to be the 20 miler.

        Recall that multiple of these events are happening in one day. The first day will be 10 miler, trainaisium then log race after lunch. I am not sure how they are stacking up the remainder of these events now. Things change, times change.

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          On that note, here is the “Men of War’ series:

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