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        I just went through some old comments on the Texas thread, annotating not max in them.

        I fail to recall exactly how it happened, but there was a cluster somewhere around the time the forum became paid, before it reverted to open. People who left the forum, their posts / comments defaulted to by myself.

        If you take all the comments under my name as by me, I would amount to a paranoid of no fixed abode! Please be careful with older comments in old threads that simply do not seem to have been written by me / out of context. When I see them, I annotate them.

        Maybe this is why some people think I’m crazy….? :yahoo:

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          Maybe this is why some people think I’m crazy….? :yahoo:

          There are way more reasons than that…

          HEAT 1 2017
          Intro to CQB 2017
          Texas HEAT 2 2018
          Operation TeaSinker 2019
          Combat Leader Course 2019
          Team Coyote
          Team Rekkr
          Team Cowbell

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