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        Keeps getting removed from YouTube. Maybe this vimeo version will last longer:

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          Won’t last long…

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          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

            Same as the Thread “Dr’s in Black,” it will keep popping up. Just have to look for it.

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              I also found it via: Plandemic Documentary | The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19

              Posted by : Morgan MacLean
              May 6, 2020

              on Youtube

              I know it’s a repeat, but if it gets taken down, may be able to find it via OP or title words if someone else reposts.

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              Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                I can’t prove or disprove the information presented.

                The tactics of suppressing this Doctor are pretty standard for those who piss off powerful people. That and untimely death.

                Given the shear number of kook videos available on YouTube, their reaction is either stupid or brilliant.

                Unfortunately not enough information is available.

                Certainly Anthony Fauci has enough questionable relationships to add some credibility to this video.

                Not much critical thinking going on these days! :wacko:

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                  Found this this morning on one of my professional chat groups. References are within the response.

                  **EDITED TO ADD: I wrote this post to help my friends sort through misinformation and did not expect it to go viral. Several commenters have asked me to cite sources, and I agree that this is important to do. I still have a day job, but I have edited to include primary sources for all points when possible **

                  *The following statements represent my personal informed views and not those of any institution*

                  First, background: I’m a physician (specifically a board-certified pathologist, which includes microbiology and laboratory medicine) with a master’s degree in epidemiology.

                  In the last day or two, several friends have shared or posted about a video “documentary” called “Plandemic”. The film depicts now-discredited former researcher Judy Mikovits who shares a plausible-sounding narrative about the current pandemic. The problem here is that nearly all of her scientific statements are demonstrably false. If you have more to add to this list, or credible data to the contrary, please start a discussion. I suspect there are many more false claims in this video, but these are just the ones that stuck out to me as a physician with epidemiology training.

                  – She states “There is no vaccine for any RNA virus that works.” Incorrect: Polio, hepatitis A, measles, to name a few. (Source:
                  – Her retracted paper was actually not about vaccines at all, even though she insinuates that it was. (Here is the article:
                  – She states that Ebola could not infect humans until it was engineered to do so in her laboratory. This is false. (Here is an article describing an outbreak of Ebola in 1976, long before Dr. Mikovits was conducting research:
                  – Likewise, many other zoonotic viruses have been shown to gain mutations that allow them to infect humans. This would not be some kind of new, crazy idea. We actually predicted it years ago: we just didn’t know exactly which virus or when it would occur. (Here is an article from 2015 discussing the likely emergence of future coronavirus pandemics: )
                  – She states that the US was working with Wuhan to study coronaviruses years ago, like it’s a “gotcha” moment: yes, of course we were doing this – Wuhan is a coronavirus hotspot and it makes sense to study this family of viruses where it naturally occurs. (Same article as above: )
                  – She states that COPD lungs are identical to COVID-19 lungs. As a pathologist, this is ludicrous – any practicing physician would be able to tell COPD from COVID-19, both clinically and histologically. (One article discussing an overview of tools for diagnosing COVID19, one about CT specifically, and one about histology specifically )
                  – The statement taken out of context from the CDC death certificate recommendation reads in full “In cases where a definitive diagnosis of COVID-19 cannot be made, but is suspected or likely (the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty), it is acceptable to report COVID-19 on a death certificate as “probable” or “presumed”. In these instances, certifiers should use their best judgment in determining if a COVID-19 diagnosis was likely. Testing for COVID-19 should be conducted whenever possible.”. My physician colleagues are not being pressured to put COVID-19 on death certificates when it should not be there. (Here is the actual document with instructions for
                  filling out death certificates from the CDC: )
                  – The idea that physicians are incorrectly diagnosing COVID-19 due to financial incentive is also ridiculous. Medicare sometimes bundles payments for some conditions (i.e. if you have a heart attack, medicare may pay XX for your treatment) – it’s possible the hospital could get paid $13,000 for your COVID-19 admission, but do you know what that’s based on? The fact that the average cost of a hospital admission for a respiratory condition is $13,297. (I can’t post a scientific study here, since this isn’t a scientific fact, but this article describes the procedure in detail:…/fact-check-medicare-…/3000638001/ )
                  – She states that hydroxychloroquine has been “extensively studied in this family of viruses” – in fact, it has not been studied well in coronaviruses. It HAS been studied in malaria, which is not a virus. (Here is the one study that was performed that people like to cite, and it is an in vitro study (not in humans), of SARS (not COVID-19), and chloroquine (not hydroxychloroquine): ). And yes, it is considered an essential medicine for the treatment of malaria. Not for coronaviruses.
                  – Furthermore, the data on hydroxychloroquine are much weaker than they originally appeared: the small study that was highly publicized was not a randomized controlled trial, and the only patients who died were those who received hydroxychloroquine (and these were EXCLUDED FROM ANALYSIS!). This is terrible science. Even so, we want to investigate all possible treatments, so controlled trials are being conducted on hydroxychloroquine right now. (A summary of the current evidence we have from published and ongoing trials:…/hydroxychloroquine-for-covid-19-wha…/)
                  – She insinuates that there is a hydroxychloroquine shortage as a result of reduced production. In fact, the shortage has resulted from an increase in demand: people who take this medication regularly are writing extended prescriptions and because physicians are using it for COVID19 patients because they have nothing else to try. (…/health-forum/fullarticle/2764607…).
                  – “All flu vaccines contain coronaviruses”. Nope, absolutely false. (In fact, it’s so false based on the way vaccines are made that there are no studies specifically stating this claim. It would be like trying to conduct a study to examine whether humans can live with zero oxygen. Nope, we can’t. No study needed.)
                  – The ideas that sheltering in place somehow harms your immune system or that you may reactivate a virus in yourself by wearing a mask have been thoroughly debunked in other posts and I won’t get into the details here. Both national societies of emergency medicine have condemned the statements of these doctors, one of whom is not board-certified. (Please refer to Dr. Kasten’s post and others about these)

                  – Lastly, private companies removing false information from their platforms does not represent repression or promotion of propaganda. It’s helping to promote the spread of sound scientific information. If you think lies should be permitted to circulate freely alongside the truth with the intention of reaching people who won’t be able to tell the difference, you are part of the problem.

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                    Fuck this guy. I’m with Mikovits and anyone who is against big pharma and tyrannical control. Most of us of course are not doctors and don’t fully understand doctor speak, which is in the same way that statistics can be used to prove any fucking point.

                    I have absolutely no doubt that assholes like Fauci put Mikovits in jail for going againt the party line and resisting their ability to make money. Fuck the lot of them. You can tell Fauci is an asshole just by looking at him. Put him on the list with the rest of the pedo fucking tyrants.

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                      Fuck this guy. I’m with Mikovits and anyone who is against big pharma and tyrannical control…

                      LOL… :good:

                      Fuckin-A, Max… I love ya!

                      Pretty much exactly what I was thinking. The Doc that wrote this is just parroting the “party line”. Mikovits may not be 100% perfectly accurate, but anybody with 2 brain cells to rub together, and who actually does a little digging, can see that the “party line” in the medical world is FULL of bullshit!

                      MVT Texas 2015-2020
                      Team Cowbell / Team Coyote / Team Rekkr

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                        Or…. Maybe they’re all crazy? ANYONE who chooses to be in the public eye like fauci or any politician, is inherently vain and is all about “look at me”, “im super important” so yes, I would venture that he and most of the people that we see on tv are not on our team, but that lady seemed like she was about five minutes from crazy. Facts can always be manipulated of course, but she and her “interviewer” didn’t show a lot of exploration but more of a scripted MSNBC style interview, that’s why watching “the news” isnt worth the time anymore, because the people asking the questions are just helping the people being interviewed get across a preplanned message, this did the same thing just on the other side of the coin IMO

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                            They get busted doing this kind of stuff every week or two… and those are just the times they get CAUGHT. Is it any wonder that sane people find it so easy to believe so-called “conspiracy theories”, when “approved” and “official” sources of information have lied to us so often?


                            MVT Texas 2015-2020
                            Team Cowbell / Team Coyote / Team Rekkr

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                              And speaking of America being spoon-fed bullshit from the “medical establishment”:

                              One of the first things any aspiring scientist learns is that study results don’t mean ANYTHING unless you look at the study’s methodology. About 6 minutes into this video, this guy gets into the methodology of the so-called “study” that supposedly showed hydroxychloroquine is not an effective treatment.

                              MVT Texas 2015-2020
                              Team Cowbell / Team Coyote / Team Rekkr

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                                Fuck this guy. I’m with Mikovits and anyone who is against big pharma and tyrannical control.

                                So can I argue against corporate hegemony in our economy and suggest we gut the medical patent regime to kill Big Pharma now or no? 😝

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