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      First Sergeant

        Signal Out, Can You Identify
        Je ne regrette rien
        In Orbe Terrum Non Visi

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          While there are many ways to deal with this threat, I am a fan of Automotive Security Window Film.

          First Sergeant :good:

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            So that video is just wrong on many accounts. I am not going to post why as anyone with half a brain should be able to figure it out.

            The family and I did a cross country trip in 2017. The year after the summer of rage. We avoided most large cities. I kept a can of bear spray in the front seat with us. The theory being that it might be a potential crowd dispersant if needed. Limitations being related to the wind and leaf blower use of course.

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            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

              So that video…

              The fact that members such as depicted are considering methods to overcome drivers is what’s worth noting. It’s a confirmation of growth and development suspected.

              I keep some 30 round magazines for my Beretta in vehicle for repelling “boarders” use. ;-)

              Of course I typically have at least two of my GSD’s with me and they would be quite displeased with attempts to enter our vehicle.

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                OH I carry appropriate hardware as well. The bear spray is for when I accidently turn into a “gathering” of ill minded individuals and I can not retreat. It is for crowd dispersent when you don’t want to use your bumper.

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                  Rename the video how to get dead.

                  HEAT 1(CTT) X 3
                  HEAT 2 (CP) X1
                  FOF X3
                  OPFOR X2
                  CLC X2

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                    If some non-binary social justice warrior uses one of those on a vehicle I and/or my family are in said sjw will be introduced to Mr. Glock post haste.

                    Just sayin…..

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                      If some non-binary social justice warrior uses one of those on a vehicle I and/or my family are in said sjw will be introduced to Mr. Glock post haste.

                      Just sayin…..

                      Do not forget that these ANTIFA are armed too and recently shot into several cars. A teenager died and another driver was shot (but made it to the hospital) in separate incidents. Early avoidance is probably the best policy.

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                        Not to mention that there are some individuals in these groups that have/are training and/or prior military experience. Underestimating these groups is a mistake.

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                          Left-wing BLM and their Bolshevik ANTIFA protesters have committed at least 4 shootings against drivers between June 4 to July 25 after blocking roads and attacking cars.

                          Alamosa, Colorado – June 4.
                          Alamosa Attorney Charged With Attempted Murder After Shooting Man Driving Through Protest (

                          Provo, Utah — Jun 30, 2020.
                          Police arrest 2 after man shot during Provo protest. Gunman shot driver, then hid weapon and continued to protest, Provo police say (
                          Video (zoomed in and slowed):

                          Aurora, Colorado — July 25, 2020.
                          Car drives through crowd, protester shot in Colorado (

                          Austin, Texas — July 25, 2020.
                          Austin police identify protester shot, killed by driver (
                          Video (Two videos mashed together, synced on the traffic light changing to green):

                          Obviously do everything you can to avoid areas where there might be a chance of a leftist protest. There is a new website that does some legwork for you to provide you with intel.

                          I would also begin to practice keeping your distance when stopped in traffic. Make sure you can see the tires of the care in front of you touching the pavement. If you can’t your too close and this will reduce your ability to mover if you need to get out in a hurry or push a vehicle out of your way.

                          Also, who’s practiced their J turns as of late?

                          Hows your medical gear?

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