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        I saw this on Funker530, since Max recently posted a video on having an eye for terrain and whatnot I figured this might be worth watching, it’s a pretty solid classic hit-and-run ambush. Şirnex is the Kurdish name for Şırnak, it’s a region in Turkey bordering Iraq.

        Graphic New GoPro Footage of a Brutal & Close-Range Kurdish Ambush

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          Saw that and planned to post it. Really shows the importance of good RTR, getting on line, and gaining fire superiority. Additionally, it shows the importance of keeping your head on a swivel, and actually LOOKING for threats, not just going through the motion. I don’t think that can be stressed enough.

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            (man in the arena disclaimer…)

            Low volume of fire at the start of the ambush, poor marksmanship (spray and pray later in the video), possibly initiated early (one or two dudes in view?), after Turks break contact no maneuvering. I would say they are lucky.

            Any idea what other friendlies were in the area, or what he was saying over the radio?

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              There is another clip of a recent ambush utilizing microterrain in a rocky area but I can’t find it right now. Kurdish forces claimed to have ambushed Turkish special forces but they look like regulars. A fire team sized element were orientated in the wrong direction and were flanked with predictable results.

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                Other than their use of defilade and surprise there is almost nothing well executed in that ambush.

                – Initial volume of fire was poor and inaccurate. Near ambush at that distance everyone should be dead.
                – Camera dude runs out of the ambush position right into the kill zone?!
                – They opened fire on the lead guy. 2nd man in line goes down while lead man runs back the way he came and gets away.
                – After the initiation their volume and accuracy of fire continues to be lame.
                – We can vaguely make out some other Turkish personnel on the hill to the right of their position. When the camera man runs out he shoots at them and you can see them scampering. The placements of the Kurdish units provides poor sectors of fire thus requiring cameraman to run out of cover to be able to fire at them. The guys on the hill seem obscured.
                – If they were professionals conducting a well executed ambush shooting & scooting this whole ordeal could have been kept even shorter, down to like 90 seconds from the time of initiation to retreat.

                We can do much better :yes:

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                  Frankly, it seems to me like go-pro guy kind of went off half-cocked… :unsure:

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                    I actually thought it was this one at first, that showed up on facebook the other day.
                    Should be titled “the deadly consequences of fatigue and resulting lack of awareness”…

                    Amazing Combat GoPro: Ferocious Close Quarters Ambush Filmed by Kurds

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                      My unprofessional observations and conclusions, a hasty ambush and gopro dude was the leader and because he had his head out of the sights he probably wasn’t all that close to hitting the sweeper man while the Kurd to his right had his head in the sights and got his guy.

                      They extracted a cost from the Turks at the cost of some excitement sent their way.

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                        I see almost no utility or effectiveness in automatic fire in the way these men were using it. I’ll take an MVT trained 4 man team with semi auto AR15’s any day over that rabble.

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                          Even if we entertain the idea that this ambush was completely hasty, there are still a number of things they could have done in that moment to make this a lot more effective.

                          – They have a PKM (belt fed machine gun) and it’s placed in the middle of their 3 man element. The guy firing it does not ground the weapon and take advantage of the tripod. Ground the damn thing and fire off the bipod for effective, accurate fire.

                          – PKM should have been placed on either end, not the middle. Given that they knew the Turkish elements were moving Right->Left the PKM should have been placed on the left so that it could fire down the advancing Turkish line.

                          – Patience is required to allow more of the Turkish elements to pass before initiation. Why fire on the guy leading with the metal detector? Let him clear the route and give the all clear for the elements in reserve to enter your kill zone. Initiate on center of the larger force and unleash the PKM down the line.

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