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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        Passive Counter CQB measures consist of hardening a structure to delay entry.

        Hardened Doors and door jams, many methods are available from off the shelf to custom construction.

        Here are two videos:

        How not to conduct an Explosive breach.

        There are several products to harden windows.

        Hidden perimeter surveillance cameras with automatic off site download during breach. Will provide video footage record of any home invasion.

        Residential Fire Sprinkler Protection Systems for homes.

        Safe rooms and components.

        MODUL-X® is the trade name of our modular, interlocking panel system. MODUL-X® Structures withstand high technology BURGLARY, high caliber BALLISTICS, and high powered BLASTS.

        Composite ballistic panels provide ballistic resistance only, but can easily be cut and drilled with basic hand tools…in fact that is how they are installed…cut like plywood and screwed into place. They provide absolutely no protection from persons with tools. Ballistic steel panels provide physical resistance, but can be torch cut, are expensive and heavy, and come without a system of assembly.

        You Don’t Need To Compromise!

        MODUL-X® is modular six-sided protection which can be installed almost anywhere and relocated or resized as needs change. Our rooms are US Dept. of State certified, and provide the highest level of Forced Entry and Ballistic Resistance, FEBR-60.

        For most of us the window Safety Film and Hardened Doors are the most cost effective solution.

        More to come.

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          Nice links! I like it! :good:

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            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

              Replacing interior doors with exterior doors.

              This can add more layers to your security and defense. For example say your entryway has a foyer; it has two doors or you install a second door, imagine the affect of finally defeating first door as in video above to only have a second door of equal strength as a new obstacle.

              Pepper Alarm System


              pepperalarm™ RS101 only uses SABRE® clear OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) DEFENSE irritant
              spray because it:

              was designed specifically for INDOOR applications
              covers an area up to 1000 square feet within seconds
              atomizes into the air in about one hour
              is a dry clear “mist” that leaves NO stains-NO CLEAN-UP REQUIRED
              has a 4 year shelf life with the expiry date clearly marked on the canister
              is environmentally safe and will not seriously injure pets (dogs or cats)
              is very potent – 33% major capsicum, 10% OC and 500,000 SHU
              provides an INVISIBLE SHIELD (barrier) between the intruders and your valuables
              is specially developed for us by Security Equipment Corporation in Fenton, Missouri, USA.



              When triggered by its trip line, the AB-2000 will discharge 4 ounces of irritating OC pepper spray aerosol.

              REPULSAR I

              The REPULSAR I is a ceiling mounted OC aerosol device with a larger capacity than the AB-2000. It is designed to be an accessory to 12 volt alarm systems, although it can be made to operate independently with as little as $30 worth of additional parts. The REPULSAR I has a warning tone with adjustable time delay to alert forgetful owners to turn off their security system.

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                Low tech : a series of medium sized cup hooks around doorway and a truck bed bungie cargo net strung across.

                Kick, ram , or blow the door and watch it bounce back into place.

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                  The gas devices have merit! I can see how those could be effective against criminals

                  So does the bunge net, but that one could cause a laugh riot if it were ever caught on film!

                  Thank you for posting these.

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                    Note: This is not Max’s Reply, it is a technical glitch from the change to subscription format.

                    I have been very interested in ways to counter a “door-kicking” incident. I want my door to be like the Italian door in that first video. Twelve minutes of “knocking” should be plenty of time to mount an appropriate response. I would love to see what the inside of that door looked like. How many locks, bolts, bars, etc?

                    I’ve also seen quite a few hardened “entry ways” with double doors that both lock creating a secure stopping space.

                    I also have trouble with the general American construction materials that provide little cover. I can harden my door but the wall right next to it can easily be blown over. I’m working on ways to secure the doors and the area around the doors to provide cover and anchor for the hardened door.

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                    Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                      I think many of these options have value even prior to the SHTF.

                      Just remember the best option is not being there.

                      Without a friendly QRF, a private hidden exit, or major firepower we are talking about a Alamo situation which you will likely not survive.

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                        Escape route is probably the most important , barring an Intel source one trusts for 100% reliability. If they come , whoever they are , you need to get out.

                        I worked with a guy ( not a friend ) who qhad a second job as a bookie , their phone center got raided by state and fed LEO. They had hardened the building to the point that the police had to wait for them to unlock to let them in.

                        I don’t know the details of the construction but it was a suburban home. So it’s doable , barring heavy equipment or HE.

                        Side note to the story : this was the arrest that eventually brought down my congressman John Tierney. His brother in law was running the show , and fled bail to open shop again in the Caribbean. But his sister , wife of the congressman maintained the books and laundered the money here in Ma.

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                        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                          Thought this maybe worth brining up again, obviously in todays world some of these have benefit “Pre-event!”

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                            I seem to remember in class that Max said if you are in the building
                            when the assault team is in the process of coming in, it is too late.
                            Great security is fine in delaying the inevitable but opsec/intel will afford the possibility of evasion/escape and the ability to live and fight another day. As an aside, I have witnessed the use of ‘security film’ that was applied to glass doors and an attempted breach of same. It took quite a while i.e. several minutes before someone could enter.
                            Those doing so were quite exposed during the process.

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                            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                              I seem to remember in class that Max said if you are in the building when the assault team is in the process of coming in, it is too late.

                              For the most part that is a true statement, however there are always possibilities.

                              These could range from delaying entry until your group can assist you, drawing OPFOR into a trap (from physical to a propaganda one), to just wanting a chance to go down hard.

                              Certainly the preferred method is being elsewhere, but stuff happens.

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                                Agree completely. No doubt about it, shit happens and then it’s
                                plan B or somewhere else down the alphabet. Funny how it always rains when you don’t have an umbrella. I think God was the proverbial weatherman in another life… its gonna be 72 and sunny today…not.

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                                  Being in Baltimore City and having shady folks robbing people in the neighborhood and apparently now toying around with the idea of home invasion, the thought of hardening my home doesn’t sound so bad all things considered…The door in that first video though. :good:

                                  Of course if it’s the SWAT team kicking the door in I’d imagine they already have the whole perimeter surrounded before they attempted an entry, you’re pretty screwed in that situation unless you got some El Chapo level secret tunnels going on or something. If it’s Joe Schmo Crackhead in the middle of the night or Jimmy McRioter in a SHTF situation (Officer Goodson’s verdict is today, btw, just in time for the weekend), yeah, this could be useful. If a SWAT team finds the door is hardened they can just rip the side of the house off, sure, but some random junkie will automatically go for the door or windows, if they spend a bunch of time trying to breach those I have enough time to wake up pissed off enough to remind them that we’re still a Castle Doctrine state. Most robbers and junkies will usually hesitate to commit an act of foolishness to begin with if it’s simply locked, there was an armed robber that hit my job and a bunch of other convenience stores but if he tugged the door and it didn’t budge he’d back off and look elsewhere.

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                                    Hayooo cool thread. Saving this for later.

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                                    Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                                      As alluded to in Sam Brady Sends: Close Quarter Battle Training and Tactics in the United States consider how your furniture arrangement can deter and/or hinder entry/movement.

                                      How you could use emergency lighting to hinder aggressors visibility yet increase your target identification.

                                      How could remote or sound activated devices (TV’s, Stereos, etc) create confusion and misdirection?

                                      Think outside the box.

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                                      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                                        Although the purpose of this Thread is more from the occupants point of view, it certainly has value from the breachers point of view as well.

                                        Consider these comments:

                                        We only went through the front door ~ 50% of the time. The other 50% was going through back doors, windows, and sliding glass doors.

                                        While SOME of the front doors opened well with a shotgun (blow locking mechanism (just above) then top and bottom hinge), our more creative targets had used blocking boards nailed to the floor or similar. We found it more expedient to go through back doors (less secure for quick escapes), large windows (use the barrel of either the 870 or the MP5 to break and run the window perimeter to clear broken glass, though many were already open as the occupants weren’t necessarily up-to-date on utility bills), or sliding glass doors (just slide it open as a LOT of people forget to secure these, or break similar to window).

                                        Always apply the rescue rule – try before you pry……. you’d be surprised at the number of doors that open just by turning the knob :yes:

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                                        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                                          Consider this comment from OPFOR “Mike Q” vs SOF:

                                          As one of the guys inside one of the rooms. Let me just say it sucked. My roommate died and I was dead 2 seconds later. Never even saw the SF teammate who shot me. He was nice and only hit me 4 times…

                                          From the moment “Contact!” Was yelled until all 6 of us were dead was about 4 minutes. The attacking team only suffered 2 wounded…

                                          Obviously not part of this particular training evolution, however think of how above measures could have been of use.

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                                            :good: Awesome info as always Joe, thanks!

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                                              Yes, but we are not training and preparing to defeat SOF raids. We are helping to train ‘the good guys’ for success on operations.

                                              Hardening structures against home invasion from criminals now and marauders after SHTF ia acceptable. If you are concerned about hardening against SWAT raids NOW you are on the wrong forum. ‘Paranoid Hoarders Anonymous Forum’ might be a better place for you?

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                                              Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                                                Yes, but we are not training and preparing to defeat SOF raids. We are helping to train ‘the good guys’ for success on operations.

                                                Hardening structures against home invasion from criminals now and marauders after SHTF ia acceptable. If you are concerned about hardening against SWAT raids NOW you are on the wrong forum. ‘Paranoid Hoarders Anonymous Forum’ might be a better place for you?

                                                Good clarification Max.

                                                I sometimes forget how easy this can be misconstrued by certain elements. :yes:

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                                                  Many houses are built with foam sheathing and vinyl siding. You can breach it quietly with a utility knife. Just a thought if anyone ever needed to do that. In the fire service we would also make our own doors with a chainsaw. Obviously we weren’t concerned with noise, but, it is very quick to gain entry. Our saws though used a carbide toothed chain. It will wreck a regular chain, but I would think you could use it once and throw it away. Maybe thoughts for rat holes during urban fighting.

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                                                  Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                                                    With JohnnyMac’s Thread CQB Breaching, I thought this would be a good time to bring this back up.

                                                    One thing to remember about breaching, it doesn’t always go as expected.

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                                                    Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                                                      Always worth a look!

                                                      How hard is it to breach your home?

                                                      Understand the preceding is just an introduction.

                                                      There are solutions from improvised methods to high tech ballistic resistant and beyond!

                                                      How much time do you need to prevent entry from what threat, need to stop a M1A2 Abrams?

                                                      It’s doable if you have the resources.

                                                      Most would be amazed at how much a handful of 3 1/2″ screws would improve their security. ;-)

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