One Man Auger Workout: A Good Deadlift Substitute

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      Brian from Georgia

        I’m putting up 400′ of field fence behind the house. I decided to rent a one-man auger instead of using post hole diggers. After a foot of loam, we have dense clay. It can be rock hard when dry and sticky and heavy when wet. We had a good bit of rain recently, so I knew it would be the latter.

        The one-man auger ran pretty well on the boring side but lifting it out of the hole with wet clay was clinging to the auger was quite the workout. It’s like deadlifts but with roots holding the barbell down.

        After 50 holes, my back was stiff for days. I’m getting too old for that mess. If you need to do this, get the two-man auger or, better yet, a tractor auger.

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        Virgil Kane

          Did you complete your workout with 80# bags of Sakrete?

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            Dang man, how deep do you have to go on post holes to hold the fence up? What are you keeping in that will lean on it enough where 12″ of post will give?

            Here’s what I use…helpers :yahoo:


            Or for 4″ posts in dirt, I use this.


            35 holes, 10′ apart in about an hour and a few minutes. If you were closer I’d be more than willing to help ya out. But…. :cry:

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            Brian from Georgia

              Nice. I went 2.5′ deep and tamped with dirt and gravel. I didn’t use sakrete since it’s such a job to pull ’em out.

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