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        I have a debate going on in my head, I have one case of M855 and 3 boxes of m856 and I am debating on loading up my go mags to this while I am away in Iraq starting in November. I only shoot m193 and clones at the indoor ranges in Nova so all my guns are zeroed with m193 but out to 200-300 meters it does not matter much and my wife is a cop but a REMF in the Army so she is AR deficit other than its green it’s good. So what do you think load up 1060 rounds o m855/856 or just load all to m193?

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          I don’t think it should really make THAT much of a difference, inside 100m or CQB distances. I zero with M-855 and shoot 55 gr stuff all the time in training. I don’t see that it makes much difference inside 100m. Still minute-of-man.

          I would load up with M-855.

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