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        Sounds like Oath Keepers are planning to train up every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

        Virginia! We Need Boots on the Ground and Trainers

        I don’t know enough about Oath Keepers operations to know whether they have the capability to do all this stuff or if it’s just self-promotion and influence-peddling.

        I remember the progressives having a tantrum when Oath Keepers announced their “Spartan Training Groups”, they state it’s still a thing but never heard anything much afterwards beyond histrionic articles by HuffPo, Slate, and the SPLC.

        Still worth noting which groups are planning to do what in Virginia over the next few months.

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          My limited experience suggests most local OK groups are decent enough (as in well meaning), but the National OK are a bunch of idiots.

          Without seeing any training program specifics, I would be very skeptical based on my knowledge of them.

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