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      Mike Q

        I’m curious if there is any desire to try and run some night force on force using Airsim rifles? My thought is to run at least 1 or 2 iterations in the night on the next force on force event. The equipment needed are NVG’s and a tracer unit. Its possible depending on the weather and the moonlight to run this exercise without NVG’s but we won’t know until we get onto the VTC that evening to see what the conditions will be like.

        The tracer unit looks like a suppressor which simply takes the place of the A2 birdcage on the rifle. The unit has a number of LED lights which light up the glow in the dark BB’s as they exit the rifle and glow for a good 60 seconds after fired. The tracer unit is $65 on Amazon and glow in the dark BB’s cost $19 on Amazon and come in different colors – so one team can fire red and the other green.

        The protection of the NVG’s would be the biggest concern but with the clear protective cap that comes with the unit there should be no worries of damage to the tubes.

        Is anyone interested in give this a shot? I can provide the BB’s and you guys provide the tracer units and NVG’s.

        What are your thoughts?

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        Robert Henry

          Definitely fun stuff!!

          If guys have an LIF I would advise that AND the sacrificial filter in play on your NODS. If you don’t have an LIF (they are hard to find at times) don’t sweat it, the sacrificial filter will work. If you bought a 14 from us (JRH Enterprises) you received a sacrificial filter in with your unit. If you didn’t buy from me, you may or may not have a sacrificial filter but the good news is they are pretty cheap.

          Even though Mike has laid this out without use of IR lasers, I would advise eye pro along with the NV. If you have the green lens models bonus points.

          When we do this Mike we may want to be sure people don’t have batteries in IR illuminators and IR lasers as an additional precaution. Assuming everyone is running civy powered stuff but still can’t be too safe.

          We won’t be there end of September, have some other stuff going on around then that’s been a good while in the making unfortunately.

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            Mike showed me the stuff. Looks like tracer flying at you with or without NODS. It does start at the barrel, so it does give away your position.

            I am open to running night iterations either / or on the FoF Squad tactics or the CLC class. If we have sufficient with the apparatus. For people that are renting the LM4’s from MVT, then you can bring the muzzle device and attach it, I believe fairly simply.

            As usual I do advise investing in the PTS AR15 and make it your own for FoF Classes, both at MVT and for your own training. If you get this night package then you have a good little system.


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              I am very interested in using these to do some night FoF at the upcoming CLC. I will be using an MVT LM4, does anybody know what the muzzle thread is so I can buy one?

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              Mike Q

                Dave37. Should be this one.

                Amazon Tracer unit

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