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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        The Surefire G2 Nitrolon came out around 2003 or so and with the the standard P60 bulb put out 65 lumens of white light with approximately 1 hour of runtime.

        The P61 High Output 120 Lumen Replacement bulb put out 120 lumens for 20 minutes.

        How times have changed! ;-)

        I’ve had this Surefire G2 Nitrolon floating around my junk boxes for at least 15 years.

        While looking for something else I came across it and considered finally throwing it out.

        I dislike the disposable lifestyle many have embraced and decided to see what was available in a LED and rechargeable replacement. So off to Amazon search.

        BESTSUN Ultra Bright New Cree XM-L2 LED Bulb 1 Mode 1200 Lumens Drop-in P60 replacement for $10.99

        Weltool 16650 Protected Lithium Rechargeable Battery Build-in USB Port Adopt 2500mAh 3.7V for $15.99

        So for $26.98 I got the old G2 up and running.

        As seen in above picture the LED and Battery.

        For this application the large outer spring on LEE is in the way, it slips right off.

        The Rechargeable Battery at 3.7v doesn’t bring the LED anywhere near the rated 1200 Lumens, however it is at least double if not triple the original upgraded 129 Lumens!

        I threw in a pair of CR123’s and yes the G2 is then significantly brighter than the 16650 Rechargeable.

        Yes their are rechargeable CR123 options, but I wasn’t really looking to make the old G2 into as advanced as it could be.

        The goal was to add some low cost extended life!

        This has certainly met that goal. The question is would I spend $26.98 for a rechargeable waterproof flashlight?

        My answer is yes.

        I’ll update this review in about a month to report how much runtime I get and whether it holds up to typical knock around use.

        So if you have some old tactical lights in the junk drawer this maybe a option to have some spare flashlights or loaners available.

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          Obviously I don’t have the equipment to measure actual lumen output, however I do have some other lights to compare it with.

          My Steiner Mk7 WML is rated at 350 Lumens and it’s output is the closest to this upgrade, with the G2 now being somewhat brighter than the Mk7.

          So my best guesstimate is the G2 is now around 400 lumens with rechargeable battery and maybe 600ish lumens with the two CR123’s.

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            How much heat does the new bulb throw? I have some Malkov drop ins in two of my old 6Ps and they give off a ton of heat. I have several G2s and G3s I’d like to convert but I’m concerned with the heat output and the plastic head.

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            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

              …but I’m concerned with the heat output and the plastic head.

              Give me some more time with it and I’ll update On those impressions.

              I will note that I had somewhat distorted synthetic lens with the P61 bulb back in the day. I suspect the nylon reinforced body can handle the heat, but we’ll see about the lens. There is a replacement glass lens available, but I doubt it’s as impact resistant as synthetic.

              I’ll report after I do a longer run.

              Remember these weren’t really meant to be run for extended duty cycles, but short term periods.

              I am more concerned with impact durability and longevity.

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              Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                …concerned with the heat output…

                Ok ran it with the Cree XM-L2 LED and Weltool 16650 Battery for twenty-five minutes at 70°F room temperature and while head assembly got warm I would not call it hot. After about ten minutes it seemed to peak and not get any warmer.

                Again this applies to this particular setup. Change input voltage ect…and different results could be expected.

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                  Thanks Joe. I think I will grab a couple of those bulbs.

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                    I have a G2 from forever ago
                    the original lamp filament failed like they all did and I spent the $$ years ago for the Surefire LED replacement. I still use that light for some things but it is nowhere near as bright as the modern ones. I have a set of Odinworks 1″ Mlok light rings it fits in and it had duty as a light on a rifle for a while.

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                    Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                      ..original lamp filament failed like they all did…

                      Yea I was digging through some of my old junk since last post and found that little screw together spare battery holder that held six CR123’s and a spare bulb assembly. It’s the upgraded P61 120 lumens one. It still works, but man is it dim compared to today’s stuff. I remember thinking it was pretty bright back in the day! :wacko:

                      As a extra light the Cree XM-L2 LED seems worthwhile, of course we’ll see if it lasts.

                      Certainly not the current light sabers available today! ;-)

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                      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                        I think I will grab a couple of those bulbs.

                        Just remember it may get hotter with actual CR123’s or the rechargeable CR123’s.

                        I keep a supply of CR123’s on hand, but I can’t justify the cost for daily regular use (I am cheap on certain things :yes: ).

                        I think around 400 lumens with the rechargeable battery is a good compromise for my use.

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                          you can get a dozen Streamlight 123’s for 21 bux on Amazon
                          I have a few 18650’s and a couple 16650s in testing for their purposes. I also invested in a nice lithium battery charger to keep them properly charged.

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                          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                            Here is another item that may be of use to our members with older Surefire lights that take the P60 bulb assembly.

                            BESTSUN IR 850nm Infrared Light LED Drop-in P60 module.

                            $9.99 + $4.49 shipping.

                            I haven’t got it yet, but will review once I do.

                            A low cost IR light maybe worth having a few spares.

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