New FOF kit from SHOT

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        Looks like a promising piece of kit for FOF… though no word on cost yet.

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          I saw this, I’m a little leery of the front. It looks solid vs mesh, which might be more foggy. I like where their head is at though

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            The solution to fogging is fans in the goggles combined with antifog solution on the lenses.

            A helmet liner, doo rag, or sweatband helps keep sweat from dripping onto your lenses and into your eyes if you wear a helmet. That cannot be overlooked. I used everything from an Under Armor football helmet cap to a bandana under my helmet.

            They make/made clip on fan units for the airsoft and paintball market that can work with a lot of different brands of goggles. Before those existed we used to ziptie mini computer fans to the tops of our frames and power them with 9V batteries rubber banded to the straps. It was ugly but it worked.

            ESS, and probably some others at this point, make legitimate military goggles with fans built into the frames. I own an older set of the ESS Turbofan Strikers along with a set of the non-fan Strikers. I used both for airsoft for many years and the model with fans are absolutely worth the money. The nice thing about the striker frames is they are large enough for perscription glasses to be worn underneath quite comfortably mostly negating the need for Rx inserts.

            The fan on my “nice” strikers is powerful enough to not only keep the main lenses clear but also my perscription specs underneath clear too. It has two settings and can be easily shut off if you need the extra auditory SA. I never ran them with electric ears so I can’t talk to that.

            As for antifog solution, I have used swimmer/scuba grade spray stuff made by Speedo, the Fog Tech wipes they sell at the PX, and the luquid solution made by RainX. I like the RainX the best and used the same bottle for about three years.

            If you go the ESS route be aware their are knockoffs out there due to them being popular with the airsoft crowd. But any gear airsofters like probably has a counterfit counterpart out there. It is the nature of that community and the market that supports them. The “real” ESS lenses fit in the knockoffs if I recall correctly.

            Good eye pro should have its ANZI ratings marked on the lenses. Anything on the APEL list is good to go for airsoft use too.

            To the solid VS mesh mask and fogging issues, I wore the goggle glasses setup described above with a solid plastic lower face guard before the mesh ones got popular. It still worked fine even on the summer and at night. I played in weather very similar to what they get at the VTC. I also wore those goggles with glasses beneath them in the winter in AK at temps well below zero with a neoprene balaclava and it did not Fog much with the fans going.

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              You can get the current BritMil helmet system from Revision. Me want.


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