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      Dark Knight

        I have a new AR that came without any sights. I am thinking that with my eyes now needing reading glasses that some kind of optic/RDS with BUIS would be my best bet. I have been investing in all the other items I need to be getting right now (ammo, magazines, pistols, etc). I do not have the funds to spend in the thousands right now. The more I can save the better, so I can get other necessary items such as Body Armor, ballistic helmet, more ammo, and to get to MVT for more training.

        I have found a few items I am looking at and thought I would ask for advice from the forum. Let me know what the thoughts are on the item itself, and the price (is it a good deal or am I getting taken).

        I very much look forward to the feedback from this group. There is so much knowledge here!

        StrikeFire II Red/Green Dot from Vortex Optics Price 174.95

        SPARC II Red Dot Scope from Vortex Optics Price 159.95

        AT3 LEOS Red Dot Sight with Integrated Laser Sight and Riser from AT3 Tactical Price 104.99

        AT3 RRDM 3X Red Dot Magnifier with Flip to Side Mount Price: 89.99

        AT3 RD-50 Pro Micro Red Dot Reflex Sight Price 84.99

        StrikeFire II Red Dot with LED Upgrade Price 174.95

        ACO Carbine Optic Sight from Aimpoint Price 359.99

        RMR Dual Illuminated Sight from trijicon 489.99

        I dont think I can afford to go much more than that for now. I know I may have to replace it down the road, I need a sight now and to be affordable to get all the other necessary gear/training/

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          You should have a look at the Primary Arms line of ACSS reticle optics.

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          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

            I am a snob when it comes to optics that my life may depend on.

            My current favorite is the Trijicon MRO, though pretty much anything made by Trijicon or Aimpoint will do including good condition used examples.

            If I had a budget affecting my choice, quality used is how I would go vice other products. YMMV.

            Something else I would consider is do you really need a optic right now?

            You maybe better off getting just a quality BUIS now and spending the optic money on training and ammo given out current situation.

            I use reading glasses, but have no issues using standard AR sights.

            This isn’t meant to discourage red dot use, only you know what’s doable budget wise when you are gearing up and trying to decide your priorities.

            Lastly your choice of a AR needs vetting through use and training with it. Not all “built” AR’s are equal, this is just something that needs verification.

            Just some thoughts. ;-)

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            Dark Knight

              You should have a look at the Primary Arms line of ACSS reticle optics.

              Thanks! I will check them out.

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              Dark Knight

                Thanks for your input @Joe(G.W.N.S.). I have been considering used, too.

                My rifle was a gift from future son in law. The receiver is an Anderson and I forgot to get the manufacturer of the upper.

                The think I need “more” of the most id $$$. Trying to do a balancing act with the budget available to get what I need. Way behind the power curve!

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                  Use iron sights for now and get good quality red dot or scope later when you can afford. You need the practice shooting irons anyway.

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                    I would add in Holosun RDS’s as well. I’ve had very good luck with several of their models. Good price point, they work well, and give you an EOTech style circle-dot reticle.

                    Here’s one in the wild. It’s a 503G I believe.


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                      Since Diz brought Holosun up —

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                        If my budget was strict I’d buy a used aimpoint pro. Ive beat the hell out of mine and they are gtg. Should be able to buy a lightly used one for $300-325. You can call aimpoint to verify the serial #. They also have settings that are nvg capable. If my budget was larger I’d go with a quality lpvo like a leupold or nightforce 1-8

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                          Economy optics have come a long way in the past 15 years. Despite that you will not see anything other than Aimpoint, Trijicon and maybe an Eotech on a rifle in a SOCOM unit (or other dedicated professionals) This is not simply snobbery or access to the golden Conex it has to do with the fact that the above brands have been in combat for nearly 20 years now and the companies have learned a lot of lessons in that time that they have put into their manufacturing processes.

                          Early GWOT up until 2010 or so I was seeing 1st and 2nd gen CCO (Aimpoint) that after you dialed in the clicks you needed to tap the dials with a bullet base to set it. An issue that was corrected on later models.

                          While I will always believe that training is more important than equipment. I believe that when it comes to equipment you should first start with the rifle and don’t scrimp. Of the above things you mentioned, I would only recommend the AImpoint. While Trijicon makes good ACOGS ( I have no good info on their MROs) their RMRs are from a durability perspective are probably GTG for combat applications. I still don’t recommend it based on first hand experience with them. I have one on an AK and one on my ultra light AR. They work great…. until it starts raining. As soon as water gets on the emitter you end up with several dots to choose from. Their dual power ones are kinda iffy as to whether they are going to give you enough illumination on the dot to aim with.

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                          First Sergeant

                            Spend the damn money on a quality optic now.

                            Stay away from all of the Chinese made crap.

                            If you want a red dot, go with Trijicon or Aimpoint. I use a Trijicon MRO. They are proven to work and you can’t beat their warranties.

                            I have seen all of the others listed here die in classes.

                            But what do I know, right?

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                            Robert Henry

                              Here’s a top tip for you-

                              Read EVERYTHING First Sergent says about ARs and heed it.

                              I watched First Sergent come down from Mt. Romney with that shit written on stone tablets. I watched the heathens with their PSAs melt them and make a golden graphite colored Cow that they paraded by the team cabin. First Sergent come down from the mountain with great advice on ARs. I watched the golden graphite colored Cow break into 5 different malfunction drill demons. I watched as the people squirmed, stalled and faltered on the plains of the tactical ranges near Ai due to their not heeding this advice….

                              I’m known as an AK guy around here, one who has had some crazy bad luck with multiple AR’s over the last 30 years. I followed First Sergent’s advice got a BCM, lubed it and just in home training fire about 1,000 rounds a month through them. Have yet to have a single jam.

                              Go and search out every thread he did on these, read and heed, then lube, lube and lube some more.

                              A rifle that you KNOW will run (from thousands of rounds, not 50 once time bench shooting) is worth much more than a “tricked out” AR with optics, rails, tactical cowbell on the side, etc.

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                              Lost my MVT class list- been here a time or two :)
                              Team Coyote. Rifleman Challenge- Vanguard

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                                Here’s a top tip for you-

                                Read EVERYTHING First Sergent says about ARs and heed it.


                                I have an MRO on my go-to no shit fighting rifle and it has been used a bunch at MVT. Have an eotech on a shorty because I like the 65MOA circle. Testing the Vortex UH-1 on a rifle that needs some round count before being declared life support worthy. Shoot the irons and train before you scrimp on the optic.

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                                  Although Robert…..
                                  Everyone needs more cowbell!

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                                  Dark Knight

                                    I appreciate all of the input/advice. I think for now I am going to invest in iron sites and wait until later to go fancy.

                                    I really do appreciate the input with any judgement!

                                    Enjoy the holiday weekend!


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                                      You mentioned glasses; do you have an astigmatism?
                                      If so, looking for an RDS is a pointless exercise; you need a scope/prism.
                                      Look around on forums and maybe tacswap and try to find a lightly used Aimpoint Pro. It’s a bit of a heavy beast and it uses a dumb battery type, but it’ll work.
                                      There’s a website called RKB Armory that sells used optics; they often have good prices on PROs, so keep an eye there as well, even though they are out of stock of pretty much everything right now.

                                      If you must go cheap, get a Primary Arms optic; they’re essentially rebranded Holosuns, but at least PA QC checks them and they have a great warranty through PA.
                                      I’d buy one of those any day before a Sparc/Strikefire, or literally any other budget optic on market; from what I’ve seen so far, PA is the only low-tier brand I’d place any faith in at all.
                                      Except their house-brand mounts; those are still crap, get a real one that mates with whatever sight variation they make.

                                      Of course all this stuff is overpriced or unavailable right now, so… good luck in your search. :unsure:

                                      I’m in the same low budget/no budget house as you, so I get the whole “Do I buy an optic, or ‘tolerate’ irons some more so I can buy more ammo” conundrum.
                                      In order to purchase a better rifle, I went irons only for several years before I could afford an optic (PA optics didn’t exist back then, it was used PROs/ Eotech 5xx or bust for the poors). But I sure was happier with an optic, and certain aspects of my shooting did immediately improve. It’s really up to what you feel you need to make yourself effective. I would ask “Will I expend this ammunition I’m stocking more effectively if I had an optic, out to the ranges I intend to engage at?”

                                      Personally… I spotted the heresy known as “Anderson” in the description, and if I were you… I might consider whether I need to spend some money to fix that before deciding what lipstick to put on it… ;-)

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                                        Agree with several other posts. Used, Quality scopes are a good choice: Aimpoint, Trijicon, EoTech are all within your given price range. Your eyeballs may prefer some over others so spend time behind them if you can. All of these brands (and others) are well represented by students at MVT. Most students will let you borrow them for an evolution.

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