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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        Title is self explanatory!

        This is about you and your family in your home.

        First-hand accounts only!

        Note: Feel free to post any positive effects!

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          + – have plenty of time to do all those things I’d told my wife “when I have time”

          + – cleaned up the place, loaded a 6×12 cargo trailer full of “stuff” for Helping Hands (when it reopens after this stuff)

          + – organized the majority of my gear (still have some to go)

          + – spending good time with the CFO and pups

          + – eating healthier (not hospital food), more active (yard and house maintenance)

          ? – unknown on the job, everything is COVID, so the hospital census is at 60% and the ED is at 50%. Currently my unit is closed.

          negative – family gatherings are at a minimum (large family)

          Life is local

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            Life is mostly the same at my house, since our kids are home-schooled, and we live in a SMALL town 65 miles from the nearest stoplight (or grocery store).

            Positive – Getting some gear sorted out, organized, more “ready to go” instead of randomly scattered

            Positive – More motivated to keep up the P.T. since the NEED for it seems more imminent

            Positive – Getting myself and kids more up to speed on SUT (Max’s videos are helping a LOT)

            Positive – Perspective – What’s REALLY important is in sharper focus (God, family, etc)

            Negative – Groceries are more difficult to get, and selection available is a lot more limited

            Negative – Business activity (real estate) is about 10-20% of what it normally is this time of year

            Negative – I am helplessly watching my country self-destruct, and increasingly feeling like it was unnecessary

            MVT Texas 2015-2020
            Team Cowbell / Team Coyote / Team Rekkr

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              the positive
              -i got allot of house work done
              -i learned to do my job from home(which is great for an hour commute each way)
              -i still have said job
              -i’ve become more familiar wearing plates, and my gear since the treadmill at home can hide my crazy from others
              -ive learned to grow tomatoes, and basil… kinda
              -ive gotten to know my loving girlfriend has better

              the negative
              -grocery shopping is more difficult, and more entertaining in some ways when people wear snorkels in the front of the line (may be a sort of positive?)
              -i miss the gym, because my home gym kinda sucks…thank god for the dog i can (try to) deadlift off the coffee table
              -my loving girlfriend has gotten to know me better… poor thing :cry:
              -i get to see leaders of my beloved country have a tyrannical pissing contest, and im forced to watch through gritted teeth
              -there are 204.5 squares of linoleum in the kitchen

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              mvt alumni CTT & DCH
              some other schools..

              part time tactical couch potato

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                -Political narrative; as other have said, pretty sad shit. Effects my overall morale, if I let it.
                -Haven’t been able to buy some planned purchases of ammo, parts, supplies, etc. Luckily I have a good start.
                -Haven’t been able to buy planned purchases of #10 cans of freeze dried. Ditto.
                -Run group cannot meet up. Gym is closed. Have to pretty much do our own thing.
                -Social Security office is closed. Cannot sign up for shit I’ve been paying for the last 40+ years.
                -Dental office is closed. Cannot get permanent crown installed. Hope temp holds up.
                -Starting to see customer limits in stores. Long lines spaced 6′ apart. It’s like food lines in old soviet Russia. A disturbing look at what may be to come.
                -The worst in people coming out.

                -If you are stocked up pretty good, very little has actually changed.
                -Good “dry run” to see where your preps are weak. TP anyone? I once laughed at a guy who had a hollow coffee table filled with the stuff. I’m not laughing anymore.
                -Actually was nice to have wife home and spend more time together. Slowing down, taking it easy, establishing a better sense normalcy, just in our own little world. Listening to books on cassette like old-timey radio shows at night. Blowing off main stream media.
                -Moving up some planned maintenance on weapons, equipment; firing up generator and finding a gas line leak (now), moving up plans for garden.
                -Helping out neighbors
                -Good prices on secondary markets right now. Sold off a lot of un-needed stuff and upgraded a few things.
                -The best in people coming out.

                Overall, very little has really impacted us. Just some disturbing trends but no actual effect yet. Not really effected by virus in our area. Just precautions being taken that may or may not have any real effect. Health care workers are the only ones threatened here.

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                  Not much has changed for me.

                  Positive and Negative: At work we have to wear the masks all the time except when sleeping. Full PPE when dealing with the patients. Positive: the call volume is actually down.

                  Negative: major pain trying to get groceries or incidentals. I am NOT a stand in line guy.

                  Positive: Getting more stuff done around the house.

                  Could use a good surveyor to survey my Eastern property line so I can extend the fence.

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                    All of the homeschool co-ops are shut down which is disappointing to my 14 yo daughter.
                    My wife is about to burst a gasket what with not being able to participate in homeschool co-op activities.

                    For me, I’m watching what is going on in Ohio and the country at large with a wary eye. Meanwhile the China Flu can’t stop the production of Gatling guns as I’m in the shop every day working on two new guns.

                    If interested in what I do for a living search faceborg for Anderson Guncraft.

                    So far I haven’t seen any adverse effects of the shut down on any of my suppliers (steel, heat treating, etc.) as these are deemed “essential” by Uncle Sugar.

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                    Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                      It’s good to hear those who responded are doing relatively well.

                      On a personal level nothing has changed, every place I normally go to is still open (grocery, gas, and feed store). A relatively small number of people wear masks.

                      I mainly stop at grocery to look around as I am fully stocked at home.

                      Keeping busy with my volunteer work and shooting every 2 to 3 days.

                      A lot of new unemployed people and I am starting to observe the same “strangeness” you normally see just before a hurricane.

                      Very few COVID-19 cases in my area.

                      As noted in other threads, seeing so many people become “Useful Idiots” in the face of this overblown nonsense is difficult.

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                        As noted in other threads, seeing so many people become “Useful Idiots” in the face of this overblown nonsense is difficult.


                        Yeah… the longer this goes on, the more pissed off I become.

                        MVT Texas 2015-2020
                        Team Cowbell / Team Coyote / Team Rekkr

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                          The major negatives are on business – I run a chiropractic and acupuncture clinic near Dallas and while we are allowed to be open we are down at least 50%. The landlord has offered tenants a rent deferment of two months, but starting September they will add the deferred portions to the next 4 months rent, basically meaning we will have to pay rent and a half later this year. Of course the down side is that it’s not likely business will be back to normal so the extra payment will hurt.

                          I applied for SBA help as soon as the site went live; my application is still ‘under review’ and as of yesterday the funds were already gone.

                          We work out all the time and the gym is closed, so we are doing basics with a power rack in the garage, and I’m rucking around the neighborhood.

                          Positives: like many other poeple it’s fix up the house time.

                          Working more on radio skills, and getting more local intel.

                          The best part is that my family – wife and two kids still at home – have come together very well to help and just to be together as a family unit. The kids started cooking, and have helped with the DIY; usually most suburban kids won’t do anything.

                          But because we live boring lives anyway, e.g. no clubbing, few dinners,etc. the changes are actually minimal not that hard to take.

                          Immediate projects are improving home security in a physical way, ‘in case’ the criminal element in Dallas decides suburbia will be a soft target area.

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                            Thought I posted here already…

                            Life for me and the family is a lot like the others. Both wife and I work for fedgov so we are still working ( very grateful ). 14yo Daughter is taking the ‘stay at home’ stuff pretty much in stride but is getting a little bewildered that this is ‘taking so long’. She is mostly worried about not being able to go to her normal summer camp. 21yo son is doing his thing and trying to survive on no $ coming in.
                            I was at the grocery store yesterday for minor things, we are mostly supplied with essentials.
                            The slaughter of the paper products aisle still continues but there was a bunch of facial tissues there yesterday. TP and paper towels/paper napkins are gone.
                            I noticed new variety’s of packaging on some of the meat products, particularly ground beef. There is no apparent shortage of Johnsonville Brats!!
                            The deli was closed, no slice to order stuff and none pre-sliced and in store packaged like usual. Traffic around town seems to have picked up a little from a week or so ago.

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