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        These two articles hit the nail on the head of what I have been trying to put into words about the US Military. You might not like me saying this, but it is a shit-show and we have serious problems going forward into Sino-Russian peer to peer conflict.

        The whole ‘F’ word stupidity is something I have said before. It’s all over social media, IG etc. Basiclaly killing people cuz ‘Freedom.’ I have never heard anything as ridiculous.

        At MVT, we will continue to maintain our temple of real SUT. Not that the US Military will ever take advanatagw of it. But you can, for when China/ Russia invades after we lose the war – unless the US Elites take it nuclear rather than see that happen.

        The ‘NuBoomer’ is actually a great descriptive term.

        And then we have a country-full of low quality bro-vet veteran conscripts from the GWOT, who were poorly trained, like to whine about ‘PTSD’ and their entitlement, and think they know how to fight. But they don’t.

        Rot in OCS Part 1

        Army rot in OCS Part 2

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          Good stuff. I am not surprised because I saw the same issues in the Border Patrol and the old Customs Service. Not saying all the females were bad, but the majority were pretty much useless for anything requiring physical activities.

          The diversity god will get a bunch of good people hurt.

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            Gotta wonder how many people would be lost in a major conflict before this stuff gets canned by someone with enoguh sense.

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            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

              First I want to point out this situation our military finds itself in was an intentional act! This is not happenstance or poor planning.

              I know such statements are easily seen as “tin foil” ramblings of kooks, but all of my experience, observations, and training confirm this to my complete satisfaction. I like to believe those who have followed my previous analysis of various subjects lends at least some credibility that I am not prone to jump on the latest kook theories. Regardless, you must decide that for yourself the validity of this.

              These so called “NuBoomer’s” are a product of the Power of Propaganda, something I recent touched on in another Thread. It takes experience and/or certain type of person to see through such nonsense.

              The goal of producing easily manipulated people is proven by the shear number of ridiculous nonsense that much of the public believes completely. This applies to both the Left and the Right political leanings.

              By playing on emotions and keeping people in a agitated state in order to suppress critical thinking is readily apparent as well.

              If we fall into Socialist rule, a poorly trained military maybe very beneficial. However if we get into a conflict with even a near peer country, it could be devastating. Though the results maybe the same from a citizens perspective.

              Got training?

              Got a plan with flexible redundancies?

              Got logistics to support above?

              You better have it! B-)

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                The institional takeover of the military by the left is not too surprising. Having taken academia and the media, they moved on to take over the remaining centers of power in society. They have the bureaucracy now, they have law enforcement, and a major thrust during the Obama years was to take over the military.

                What is more interesting to me is the tactical stagnation of the US mil. How did we get so thoroughly stuck in second generation warfare, and when did it happen? William Lind seems to think it happened after WW1, when the US mil adopted French tactics instead of German, but then he loves everything German. I wonder how the Brit mil did not fall into the same trap. Possibly the Brit mil, having a large number small wars after WW2 (Malaya, Kenya, Borneo, Aden, Cyprus, NI, etc) rather than one big one like the US (Vietnam) maintained an emphasis on small unit tactics rather than firepower.

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                  No one here is more disdainful of the current establishment than me, but let me say to the GWOT vets, those of you who actually went outside the walls of whatever base I have to give you credit. I personally don’t see how the military can operate under stress with all the females currently enrolled in the ranks. From the nail polish Oprahs to the fat grannies who are barely ambulatory and all of them ultimately focused on themselves and no doubt distracted by the antics of whatever effeminate homos allowed in the ranks that you guys could go outside the wire and perform any sort of mission is way better than I expected.

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                    but let me say to the GWOT vets, those of you who actually went outside the walls of whatever base I have to give you credit

                    My comments were not against veterans of the GWOT in that sense. I am also, with a career spanning before and during GWOT, plus other areas of operation. My disdain is for those who don’t know any better, and think they are trained, when they are not. Also, the entitlement and pretend PTSD that you see out there. You either have real PTSD (minority) or you are jumping on a bandwagon to feel included and sorry for yourself.

                    This training issue is deep. Nowadays it is all about ‘special operators’ whose skills outside of specualist CQB are often lacking, and dangerously so given the institutional experience based on TTPs learned solely through GWOT operations.

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                      I knew you meant it that way, I mentioned it that way so it didn’t come off like I was dog piling from the cheap seats. When I was in back in the day I went 4 years of peace time combat arms and spoke two sentences to a female service member and it was two shavetail Lts who literally were giggling before I had to ask them for IDs. I’ll blame the conservatives in the country for this predicament, life is a negotiation and conservatives negotiate like this, “You can only take half of my stuff.”

                      And for the usual military hardware geeks who always match strength versus strength, one day the US mil will actually come up against someone with guile and they won’t be remotely interested in fighting the tip of the spear. For example the weakness of the world’s greatest Air Force is not that stealth tech is oversold it is that the make up aisle at the base exchange is not sufficiently guarded from attack and certain destruction. How can the air farce gals go without eyeliner and nail polish, never mind the collateral damage to the snacks aisle?

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