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      First Sergeant

        We’ve all seen the reports. Processing plants closing, animals being put down and shortages in grocery stores.

        Post what you are seeing in your AO.

        Lynchburg, Va Sam’s has implemented a one package of meat per person. Food Lion has a 2 per limit.

        Coolers aren’t empty but they aren’t full either. Chicken is the one thing that is low.

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          The local Costco has had almost zero chicken, pork and beef. Last time my wife was there they only had ribs and pork butts. We stocked up on those so I guess my smoker will be getting a work out.

          The local grocery stores are spotty. My wife has been stocking up when meat is available.

          If you guys haven’t looked into buying a side or quarter of beef you may be surprised at the price. A local farmer we have been buying from for the last eight year or so hasn’t raised his prices that much. We split a whole with my parents and aunt/uncle and it came out to $3.49 per pound. Might be worth a look.

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            Low on just about everything, 2 meat limit. Sometimes the stores have a ton, sometimes very little. Just the other day, she was able to get a package of chicken and she remarked how the person put the packages out and just as quickly shoppers were picking them up. My wife has just gotten lucky, going before opening and waiting to get in. She calls her technique supermarket sweep lol, blasting past the old people or people casually shopping.

            Are we in Northern Venezuela? :scratch:

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            Joe (G.W.N.S.)

              Assuming we actually open back up and we don’t collapse this year I suspect this will last 3 months.

              If the Socialists get their way and keep things shut down through fear; again assuming we don’t collapse before then, 6 to 8 months.

              There will be other food shortages as well, though it probably won’t be any worse than before global shipping made people forget certain items just weren’t available year round.

              Barring a near term collapse, people aren’t going to starve, but it maybe awhile before you can choose specific items at will.

              Your best bet at meat involves purchasing livestock to butcher yourself, otherwise expect to pay more for less choice and poorer quality.

              Obviously you can’t shut down Nations without paying a stiff price.

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                A good place to check is your local game processors as many of them process for local ranchers.

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                  As they have stated in the news, mcdonalds is limiting the amount of beef and pork products that individual restaurants can order. As of right now we are getting enough to replace what we have sold from inventory, but typically when they start these limits you will usually run up against a point where they can no longer ship you what you need. We have contracts and agreements with the largest suppliers in the country and maintain our own beef processing in most areas, so this affecting us was unexpected but is further evidence that the shortages are broad and not just isolated to a few processors out west or something.

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                  Sitting Duck

                    Dairy farms have seen low prices on calves for over a year. If they don’t have beef or 40k# milk genetics they have not been bringing enough to cover the cost of transport and salebarn. (Sell calves and get a bill. How many times before you figure out that it’s cheaper to shoot and compost?) With current order to reduce milk production and low prices I’ve been asked if I could take beef calves for raising with a milk ration.

                    Getting slaughter house slot is still a huge problem. Building a manual Locker is still a $5 million deal and then a lot of the rules change. Specialty plants are more money but don’t get the constant regulation changes.

           this is what the old time butcher is up against.

                    Pigs are getting eauthinzed once they become too large for the robotics. Pork is a few weeks until severe problems show up.

                    Just as we have been flying blind due to no tests, poor testing, not the right tests; food has problems getting the big picture as well. How many people got a freezer and filled it for the first time? (We don’t know but I know that it has happened.)
                    Have diets changed? (We all know this but are unable to track specifics.)
                    Are there easy, quick and inexpensive fixes in the supply chain? Yes there are but will the consumer adapt?

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                      Costco had no chicken and a limited selection of steak and pork with a limit of 3 items per customer. They had brought in a bunch of lamb though. Also updated their stock of fish.


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                        My family runs one of the largest independent retail meat markets in southern Colorado. My distributors have started limiting the amount of cases we can order. If they even have the item you’re looking for, each company can only order 5 cases of each type of beef per delivery (3x per week). When you sell 5 to 8 cases of certain products daily the math just doesn’t add up. There are some products that are just unavailable (shortloins=t-bones). Some products have gotten so expensive that distributors have chosen not to reorder until prices normalize (goosenecks=bottom round). One distributor is not receiving product from their plant (High Country Meats distributor of Greater Omaha) so they cannot ship to us. One distributor is getting shorted so much product (recieved 25 of 80 100lb cases of pork loins) that they can only send 1 case per company per delivery. I will try to attach screenshots from our conversations to highlight the insanity. :negative:

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                          tp, and paper shortages mostly, but i keep hearing that a few plants north of Atlanta shut down.
                          Harrison poultry, which isn’t too far from me, seems to still be in business as usual.

                          last time i was in the store (about 3 days ago), saw more red meats, and beef, but a bit less chicken than normal, but i wouldn’t say by an alarming amount, though unusual for sure..
                          only part that threw me off was the lack of eggs,…about 1/6th normal amount, though that went up from last time i was in, was closer to about 1/10th normal amount.
                          also, about 1/3rd frozen food stocked…but i do t do much pre-frozen foods.

                          produce, and fruits are as typical..
                          just allot less eggs, and low on the frozen stuff.

                          mvt alumni CTT & DCH
                          some other schools..

                          part time tactical couch potato

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                            General low supply in the protein sections. Seems like the frozen sausages and Brats were in big supply. Fresh cut meat counter is basically closed. Some seafood, about 50% normal supply. I am seeing unusual brands/packaging on some of the beef. It is a sad day when you are looking at a tube of 5 pounds of ground ribeye vs the steaks. This is across a sample of 3 rather large/busy Martins stores around Winchester, VA.

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                            Robin Turner

                              SeanT just described what we’re seeing in Middle Tennessee. Including the strange brands such as American BBQ? One surprise last week was almost no milk early in the week. We went back later and they had a little bit, but this whole “possible shortages” situation is making me really nervous!

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                              First Sergeant

                                Keep the updates coming.

                                You don’t have to give specific locations but try to give us a general location of where you are reporting from.

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                                  I’ve been shopping at a local organic grocer, its quiet and people have a much less paranoid nature about them when shopping compared to the larger chain stores. No shortage of grass fed organic beef, and the organic chicken cooler was filled to the top.

                                  It looks like protein powder has dropped in price (at least the brand I typically buy) this can be used to supplement your diet if your more traditional protein sources are hard to acquire.

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                                    Just learned how to can milk. It’s pretty easy. Did my first 2 gallons and turned out great.

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                                      Digression for a moment for a PSA (Public Service Announcement).

                                      For those who were never taught or have forgotten about alternative protein sources other than meat (complete protein).

                                      Ready fresh meat is a fairly new commodity in terms of freshness and ease of availability. Throughout history, fresh meat came in “spurts” (either by fishing, hunting, or raising), so a variety of methods were available for storing – salted, cured (salt or smoke), dried, etc. I leave it to others to expound on these methods.

                                      So what if these sources aren’t available?? If you grew up with less resources (I refuse to say poor), then you are probably already aware of these alternatives. Plant-based proteins are “incomplete” meaning eating just them (alone) leaves one malnourished. Beans are an incomplete protein, and rice is an incomplete protein (different than beans). However, combined, you now have a complete protein. It’s what people in SE TX and S LA eat (since rice grows so well) and its what a LOT of the folks I grew up with ate (including my family) – red beans and rice, which I still enjoy today, though granted some Andouille sausage is a treasured treat. :yahoo: :yahoo:

                                      So, what are some other pairings ??

                                      For those who grew on PBJ on wheat bread, congrats you had a complete protein.

                                      Explore these now, while everyone else is freaking out about “meat availability” and prices.

                                      BTW – I am eating on rice and beans that I put up back in 2010, they store EASY! So when the price and availability of rice was non-existent just a few weeks ago, I’m still eating on stores from over a decade ago. As rice and beans (and other food stores) now become available, I buy when the price fits my parameters (hint: cheaper to buy the 25 and 50-pound bags than the little 1-pounders, if not available, buy the 5 or 10-pounders). And to add a delicacy, include some sweet cornbread (dang, getting hungry now). Use a grinder to fresh-grind popcorn (buy at Sams, 25-pound bag for $14), the cornmeal has a sweet aroma to it.

                                      As an added benefit, your cardiologist will approve of your dietary change.

                                      Now return to previous programming.

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                                      Short Stroke

                                        Here in Northern VA, chicken is in short supply, especially for the organic and ‘no antibiotics / no hormones’ options; only a few packages available at a large Harris Teeter.

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                                        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                                          red beans and rice


                                          include some sweet cornbread

                                          Those who have never had cornbread or dodgers made from fresh ground cornmeal have no idea what they’re missing.

                                          Variations of beans and rice feed much of the world.

                                          Dirty rice made with properly seasoned ground squirrel is a treat most overlooked by modern times!

                                          Think outside the box.

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                                            Wife went to Costco and Safeway in Loudoun County VA today. Said both had plenty of meat though they do have purchasing limits.

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                                            Joe (G.W.N.S.)
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                                                A regional chain Fatz cafe (think cracker barrel type) is advertising on their sign out front “Fresh Ground Beef. 3.99/pound.”

                                                I don’t know what this means, but really a restaurant selling its supplies?

                                                As an aside and a reference to an above post. I did 23 And Me and I am predominantly Northern European (my surname is Norse) and Native American. Nope, no vegetarian in me.

                                                If I eat beans social distancing is guaranteed and I believe grains should be taken via fermentation with subsequent distillation.

                                                I have bacon (sometimes steak), eggs and bourbon for breakfast. If I feel like I need to cut back, I just have the bourbon.

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                                                Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                                                  As an aside and a reference to an above post……Nope, no vegetarian in me.

                                                  I pretty sure Wheelsee was addressing those that thought about being prepared, but waited until now to stock up!

                                                  Obviously you need a certain amount of protein in your diet.

                                                  For those that snoozed in our time of plenty; despite numerous warnings, there maybe little choice unless you continue to pay as you go and be one or two missed grocery trips from a refugee camp!

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                                                  First Sergeant

                                                    Local Kroger and Food Lion were both low on pork and chicken. Beef was well stocked with several different cuts available.

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                                                      Sam’s – plenty of meat BUT only allowing 1 package per buyer (Costco allows 2 items of each beef, pork, chicken).

                                                      Tom Thumb – limited cuts of meat. No limits posted

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                                                        Went to Wal-Mart yesterday. Beef was well-stocked but shortages of chicken, also little fresh fish. There were enough chicken tenderloins for me to grab a pack, though.

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