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        Gentlemen: night of the long knives!

        I got axed as a mod on the Culpeper County 2A page by Patrick, the raging Republican / Mason who I originally approached to get this movement started as we originally worked towards the Constitutional County resolution. I have created a new FB page called Virginia Liberty. Please join me there if you want to be part of it.

        here is my post from FB:

        Hi all, it is with great sadness that it appears a game of silly buggers has been at play and I have been deleted as a mod from the Culpeper County 2A page. This is pure micro tyranny; I was the co-founder and originally approached Patrick (who has done this) about getting this movement going. The reason? My opinion that this is a unilateral issue of natural rights, and my not wanting to create what I see as a GOP echo chamber in the Culpeper County 2A group.

        Politics requires chaos and division. What we need now is unity of movement and action. It is sad that this comes on the back of my being ejected (thus division) but we can move forward with a cohesive message of unification. There are Republicans and Democrats who understand the message about Liberty and Natural Rights. We need those people, not to alienate them through adversarial action. We are against Statism and Control in opposition to Liberty and Natural Rights. Don’t be an unthinking sheep.

        I have created a new group called Virginia Liberty. The intent is to pass a message of Liberty, Natural Rights and Individual Responsibility. Please join me over there.

        This is the first post in the Virginia Liberty Group:

        In Virginia (and the United States as a whole), we are in an existential struggle of Liberty versus Control. Liberty versus Statism. The Founders intended this nation to be one of Liberty, Natural Rights and Individual Responsibility; now, we face an assault of socialistic control that aims to strip the citizens of these basic rights.
        This began with the fight for our Second Amendment (2A) natural rights, but any quick look at the new ‘laws’ being passed in Richmond will show the level of the threat we face to our way of life as free citizens.
        This is not a party issue. Granted, there are extremists on both sides, notably the extreme leftists. But both GOP and Democrats (Uniparty) are equally guilty of stripping our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. Two-party politics has a tendency to polarize, and what we need are citizens united together for our basic rights. We may have no choice but to vote for vetted Republican candidates at every opportunity, as the lesser of two evils, in order to put an emergency stop and repeal on what the Democrats extremists in Richmond are doing. What they have done must be repealed.
        This is not a page advocating for violence. But let us qualify that. Recall that any “law” passed that is repugnant to the Constitution is “no law.” It is the duty of free citizens to oppose any restriction on our Constitutionally guaranteed natural rights. Thus, we need people who will NOT COMPLY. We do not advocate for violence, but we understand the fact that we must STAND UP, and if necessary act in self defense, of our life, liberty and property.
        We need a new way. A way away from the Uniparty and the continuing descent into tyranny. We need Constitutional politicians who are not in the system to enrich themselves well beyond their salary.

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          The establishment GOP is not to be trusted.

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            A buddy of mine that helped flip me from progressive to libertarian was involved in the Tea Party movement when it was young, I still remember him telling me how it was originally a more libertarian movement but then the GOP got involved and astroturfed the whole thing and after a single election cycle it became irrelevant.

            You are 100% correct that this shouldn’t be a strictly Republican matter, many places still have pockets of conservative Democrats, libertarians, and independents that should also be appealed to for support. Furthermore, the law and order GOP is unlikely to embrace an armed wing to protest these laws, if the group advertises itself as a Republican effort any denial of support from the GOP will kill its legitimacy.

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              Get yourself on the Virginia Liberty page!

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                Not a Virginian but sent a request.

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                  Hope you are getting donations — they will be needed in order to network and it looks like the party gatekeepers don’t want any competitors.

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