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        I have the ability to purchase large topo maps of my area made up and laminated if I like. What is the best way to store maps on a Chest Rig? Are they just folded up into a small size? If so then would lamination be a bad idea?

        Thanks guys.

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          How big of an area are you trying to map out?

          Do you have a flat pocket behind mag pouches to store it? What size is the pocket?

          Is there an REI store near you where they sell waterproof, foldable maps in your area of interest?

          What scale do you want the map in?

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          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

            Having some large topo maps laminated would have many uses.

            However carrying those, depending on how heavy the laminate is maybe problematic.

            Just an opinion as there are no hard rules.

            Regardless of option chosen you are going to wear out maps. Having some capability to make copies or store numerous copies. Another option is a smaller laminated flip book which isn’t always convenient,but will last a longtime.

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              I had a map done for me on line. You go to the site and put the cursor center over your home, if that’s what you want in the center of your map, set all the perameters and overlays you desire and you’re good to go. You don’t have to laminate it because it’s waterproof paper, kind of like Write in the Rain paper. The name of the company is/was myTopo. I had it done in 1:24000 scale, 1000meter UTM.
              I just checked and they still make the custom maps, check at

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              First Sergeant

                We used to fold them to fit into your cargo pocket.

                As the lamination got better, guys developed ways to cut the map into sections and laminate it. It could be folded down pretty small. You just flipped it like pages in a book.

                I’ll dig one of mine out and post pics.

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                  Usual deal is to use a map case. Ziplock bag is worse case, but you can buy map cases in hiking stores, online. Laminating will not help that. Fold the map as necessary and ensure that the case fits where you want to carry it. Thigh pocket was the usual place for a map. You may have areas on your gear that will also carry it, such as in the patrol rig zips on the belt kit I reviewed.

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