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        For many of us, the winter months are an off season, at least for formal tactical classes. We are constantly nagged by distractions, but it seems even more so during the winter, especially for those of us in colder climates. I realize for some of you, this is actually the part of the year that it’s comfortable to train outside. When it comes to the off season, whenever that may be, there is still much to be done!

        Here is a short list of possibilities:

        1) Gear and equipment maintenance

        The off season is a great time to check over your gear. Is it in good repair, has some part of your kit not worked for you as well as you would have liked? Now is a great time to turn some of your attention to checking soft goods (pouches, web gear, packs, clothing, etc) for loose stitching that needs mending, holes that need patching or are retiring/re purposing clothing beyond acceptable service condition. Do your weapon systems need maintenance? Maybe a bolt needs to be rebuilt, or buffer spring length is out of spec? Now’s a good time to remove and replace batteries in optics, lights, etc.

        2) R&D and Upgrades

        Maybe it’s finally time to replace a barrel, upgrade a trigger, try a new optic, etc. Now’s the time to get that work done AND do some thorough function testing. This also applies to other gear you’ve been interested in upgrading, not just weapon systems.. Just a piece of advice, there will always be new kit, don’t get sucked into thinking you always need to be trying something new/better, ESPECIALLY if that time/money spent is going to affect your training season. Knowledge/experience > equipment

        3) Refining the basics- Tasks

        I find the off season a great time for focusing on basic tasks/skills. This could mean working on basic skills from marksmanship or weapons manipulation, to land navigation or TCCC. The point here is that you are practicing fundamental skills, that you already have learned, that will be used during the more intense training season.

        4) Building a Fitness Foundation

        The off season is a great time to focus on physical training that would be more detrimental to work on during the training season. From my perspective, this means focusing on strength, power with some conditioning, while fine tuning healthy habits (weight loss/diet/sleep/etc). It’s also the time to take care of any lingering injuries or health issues that have been put off. As it gets closer to the start of the season (like now), transition to power with more conditioning.

        5) Ancillary Skills

        Now can also be the time to explore and learn tangential skills that are still useful to the warrior. Welding, knot tying, armorer skills, mountaineering, cross country skiing/snow shoeing, escape & evasion, survival skills- the possibilities are endless!

        What do you like to do in the off season?

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          Great thread!

          Beyond the typical Thanksgiving/Christmas Holliday complications it’s about the transition between warm and hot weather.

          In Florida that gets blurred at times (currently 84°F around 60% humidity). ;-)

          What do you like to do in the off season?

          Inventory and reorder consumables is a big one for me.

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            1. Catch up on reading
            2. Plan next year’s garden/orchard/farm stuff
            3. Back to the gym and on plan after the Thanksgiving – Christmas dietary lapse of reason
            4. Update Inventories (ongoing)
            5. update/repair/modify equipment (rifles done, now onto carrier)
            6. And this year, build a house addition
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            Robert Henry

              Supposed to be “babying” a joint I have some money and time invested in rehabbing. Been pretty good but I’ve had to teach more combatives lately with the other instructor out- that also means sparring. But it’s good to know what you can do while somewhat injured. Just hate losing time to things like this. Walked three miles the other day while the family jogged most of it, I miss yogging…

              Cooler weather (usually) means less bugs so we go to the range with the NV a lot more. Was out the other night and it was humid and got dozens of mosquito bites- in January :wacko:


              Lost my MVT class list- been here a time or two :)
              Team Coyote. Rifleman Challenge- Vanguard

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                Things I’ve been doing:

                * Re-reading the Patriot Dawn series and Tactical Manual
                * Body recomposition via low cal keto (this time w/ higher protein and more workouts)
                * Dry fire and weapons manipulation practice including weak side
                * Improving proficiency with using the ACOG at close range or awkward positions

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