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        There are two pants I’d like to mention, in case you haven’t heard of them.

        The first is the pRaNa Stretch Zion. @tango gave me the recommendation, I picked up a pair. Designed as a hiking pant, these are commonly referred to as the most comfortable pants you can wear, and I have to agree. They are made of a stretchy, thin, water resistant fabric with great breathability. They dry quickly and the stretch provides maximum mobility. They have one left leg cargo pocket. My only complaint is they have a built-in webbing waist adjustment that can be annoying under a belt. I’ll probably cut it off.

        My other recommendation is from Tactical Distributors, who does some self-branded clothing items. In the past, I’ve been impressed by the quality. I decided to try their Neptune 2.1 pants in multicam (solid colors available too at half the price)

        They are lightweight, mildly stretchy (not as much as stretch zion), quick dry with DWR coating. The legs taper down towards the ankle (with plenty of room in the crotch for mobility). Pockets are low profile. Sizing was spot on for me. They have mesh pockets with drain holes, and low profile cargo pockets on each leg.

        Both are great pants for when you expect to be sweating or getting wet. For me, I like both equally. I like the stretch zion’s stretchiness better, but the neptune’s cut works a little better for me (and more pockets). With an underlayer, they can probably be used in cooler weather too.

        *Also, Tactical Distributors has sale going right now for Labor Day.

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          Thanks for the information, I am always looking for fast drying durable clothing. ;-)

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            Actually, these are probably IDEAL for your AO Joe.


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              @JohnnyMac how well do you think these would hold up in heavy brush and briers? @tango?

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                heavy brush and briers?

                Heavy brush like branches and stuff they’ll probably be “fair”, but I can’t imagine them doing well in briars. Maybe a slight edge goes to the neptunes. They’ve surprised me though, in general, so maybe their “magic” extends to brush/briars…I haven’t gone through any to definitively say.

                Without brush pants though, I’m not going through briars unless I have to (cue painful flashbacks)

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                  @wesmc @johnnymac
                  Mine are Prana Brion, no elastic waistband or cargo pockets. The amazon price fluctuates a good bit ($55-$80) so keep an eye on it.

                  Mine have been through a GoRuck Tough, CQB, hiking, PT, whatever else. They get used a good bit. They’ve done ok with the briers in my backyard but I don’t make a habit of it.

                  Johnny wasn’t here. Definitely home sick.

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                    Original post edited for clarity


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                      @JohnnyMac @tango Thanks fellas.

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                        Just made my wife take me to REI to try the prana Zion stretch out. Why have I not known about these until now??? Proud owner now…thanks for the recs!

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                          Thanks for the recommendations fellas. I definitely want to try out the Neptune 2.1 pants.

                          Here is my current go to:

                          They’re the Carhartt Cryder 2.0. They have pretty good range of motion and hold up really well. Without owing a pair of the first two mentioned I cant do a comparison, but I train and work around the homestead in these. They’re not as lightweight (I’m assuming) as the other options, but provide good range of motion and are definitely durable.

                          Just my $.02

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