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        Last week a Kali SWAT team had a standoff with nobody.
        This week, they have a real standoff, and whack the wrong guy….
        Good grief…

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          Ya, I saw that, they seem to be rather trigger happy. I saw an article where the family of one of the hostages has filed a request to find out exactly who killed the victim.

          Don’t forget the shoot out in D.C…..

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            Shit… back in 88 when i was 11 was coming back from shooting crows with my bb gun in the foothills near my parents house and ended up getting drawn in by two LAPD…
            this does not.surprise me.

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              IMHO trigger happiness is the result of too little training or too poor training.
              As a result these men go about their jobs in a fearful way which results in a danger to the public.

              But this also means these teams are not nearly as effective as a potential tool of oppression as many make them out to be.

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