Kurdish ambush against pro-Turkish FSA

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        As a nice little distraction from the coronavirus panic, here’s a refreshing video of Kurdish fighters in Afrin dropping Turkish-backed jihadis in Afrin.

        HRE are Afrin Liberation Forces (Hêzên Rizgariya Efrînê), which is a pro-YPG insurgency being waged in the regions of the Afrin canton since the Turkish invasion of Afrin in 2018, due to the depopulation of Afrin’s Kurdish, Yezidi, and Assyrian population (it’s now majority Sunni Arabs from elsewhere in the country), HRE are mostly restricted in operating near the rump section of Afrin and Shabha regions the SDF still hold north of Aleppo, which is disconnected from the rest of SDF-held territory further east.

        The video is brief, but shows nice use of terrain features (Afrin in particular was probably the most defensible part of Rojava) and also how bad you can get screwed if you don’t view your terrain the same way an enemy would, these FSA guys just walked straight into a mess. A quick hit with nice violence of action, and quickly moving the body out of sight after checking for mines.

        Kurds Brutally Ambush Jihadists In Syria

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