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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        So K9’s and Fireworks or other load noises.

        So I just got done yelling at the TV, well figuratively speaking.

        On the news they were telling what people should do for scared dogs due to fireworks and recommending soothing voice an petting/massaging the dog. :wacko:

        This is totally the wrong thing to do!

        First off as part of socialization training you should already have exposed you dog to a variety noises of varying levels to condition dog for this (including gunfire if your on this forum).

        If you haven’t it’s too late, but you can use this as a remedial training opportunity.

        This shouldn’t be done at the local fireworks display if K9 hasn’t already been conditioned.

        If your dog reacts to load noises in a negative/scared manner be aloof and ignore a mild response, if particularly active fear reaction a stern “no!” in what ever language you communicate with dog in.

        You may allow dog to seek comfort near you, but not on you. Don’t be surprised if they seek out their crate or get underneath something. If not conditioned this is ok and you shouldn’t try to force them out until further along in conditioning program.

        Any kind of voice approaching your praise voice or petting must be avoided.


        Because this will be interpreted by dog as “Yes, this is the way I want you to act to these sounds!” Never praise of encourage negative behavior, high tone voice and petting doesn’t sooth dog, it tells them this is a good thing to do.

        All of my K9’s don’t react negatively to gunfire by me, some will even sleep through a range session with just me shooting. However with other people shooting, that gets their full attention. If shooting with others they will keep a close eye on other people and will position themselves between me and others unless ordered to stay elsewhere.

        With many fireworks already going off in my area on this Independence Day, they are hyper vigilant and calmly investigate the direction of noises. If they don’t see or smell anything they return to their favorite spot. If they see a source of the commotion they get serious monitoring the source. Additionally smaller common noises that would normally be ignored are now fully investigated.

        This is the proper behavior of our K9 friends. ;-)

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          Thanks for the advice. Very useful. HAPPY ‘MERICA DAY!

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          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

            Since we have many new members.

            From the Thread Rescuing K9’s and Great German Shepherd Stories.

            Many here know I rescue and rehabilitate dogs, mainly ones who are extremely fearful and those that have been involved in bites (not just GSD’s). Some of the fearful ones have not just been neglected, but actually tortured (beaten, cigarette burns, cut on, etc…). Most are about to be euthanized since most Animal Shelters are not equipped to deal with these cases.

            A fearful dog may take me from 2 months to a year to rehabilitate. Most bite cases a minimum of a year, usually can get them good to go much sooner, but I will not release a dog unless I am 100% sure they are good in as many situations as I can come up with. If a dog can’t be released I’ll keep them myself.

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              Great thread. And that is a true gentleman Joe. :cry:

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              Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                Friendly reminder due to fireworks use on New Year’s Eve.

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                Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                  With Independence Day just around the corner, a friendly reminder.

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                  Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                    Last minute reminder! B-)

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