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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        We normally don’t get into this type of story.

        Out of curiosity given the the attention this is getting; even in my small rural area, I have a simple question.

        Suicide or something else?

        At this point I really don’t want to get into specific details, just an informal survey.

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          Down here, we call it “arkancided”…. whether they were involved or not, SOMETHING’S NOT RIGHT.

          1. High-profile suspect in a Federal case, with an already “attempted suicide”

          2. Even in healthcare, these situations demand removal of ALL things considered dangerous (you’d be surprised) AND a sitter/observer at ALL times

          3. Known associates of the Clinton gang

          4. Unknown testimony but purportedly had the potential of felony charges against others (including Bill)

          The above are just my own questions and suspicions…….

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            He was a known intelligence asset.

            Its kinda strange for perhaps the most famous prisoner in federal custody who had a previous suicide attempt end up committing suicide. Also about those security cameras were also having technical issues?

            Interestingly enough both the left and right are not buying the official narrative. Granted, each group believes that its a different group pulling the strings.

            In the end either someone let him commit suicide or someone wanted to tie up a loose end.

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              Yeah, it falls under the category of “conspiracy theory” but this does sound shady as hell.

              Seems he had a lot of dirt on a lot of people, someone definitely wanted him gone.

              I’ve been seeing a new wave of “suicided by the Clintons” memes.

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                Suicide or something else?

                Something else

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                  Agree with Johnny Mac. Something else.

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                    I was quite surprised by his suicide. The only person more surprised by the suicide than me was Jeffery Epstine himself.

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                      Heard an interesting thought process- from the psychological aspect, Epstein was classified as a narcissist by some. The thoughts were would a narcissist commit suicide??

                      From my perspective, I can think of a couple – Hitler (though was also delusional) and Goering though I am having to go back to 1945 for these.

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                      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                        When he was arrested my thought was he wouldn’t live to see a trial, but I am pretty jaded.

                        Let’s look at some points: NYC, Maurene Comey daughter of fired FBI Director James Comey is the prosecutor, extremely long list of politicians, billionaires, and we’ll known actors as frequent visitors to Lolita Island.

                        Above are not the ingredients for success in finding the facts!

                        Too much power with far too many friendly insiders.

                        So suicide or something else?

                        The answer is similar to who killed JFK!

                        We’ll probably never know, but it sure is suspicious!

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