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          Wow. I am pretty surprised that hasn’t been taken down.

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            Hope lives…

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              Actually I hope he lives. He just painted a target on himself.

              It is hard to say where and when the problem started and the big question WHY?

              Personally I think it is that Americans have become so self absorbed (selfish) that having children has become a burden.

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                The man is spot on. But nothing will change.

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                  I too am shocked that video is still on youtube.

                  It looked like that young man was giving that talk for some kind of college class. I applaud his courage for saying that so far behind enemy lines.

                  DuaneH, I don’t think it’s entirely fair to blame “self absorbed Americans” for not wanting children. There is a great deal of anti-child propaganda in media. How many movies and TV shows are there showing parents with children as tired and desperate, compared to childless couples out having fun? A bunch of them. Add to that the constant messaging that you MUST go to college right after high school, and then maybe graduate school too, or else you’re an idiot. That right there delays having kids until the mid-late twenties. Add to that, the fact that immigrant labor drives down wages, and makes it harder for young couples to afford a family.

                  The phenomenon the talk is describing is absolutely a strategy by the left to replace native populations with immigrant populations who will vote for them. As seen recently in Virginia.

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                  Robert Henry

                    Pat Buchanan’s book “The death of the West” from the 90’s said similar stuff.


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                      Hooooo boy.

                      At the 7:24 mark American Identity Movement is the new name of Identity Evropa, a white supremacist organization. They’re most memorable for their “You will not replace us!” chants at Charlottesville. After Charlottesville they struggled with infighting, negative press, and probably most damaging a hack of their Discord servers so they rebranded themselves as American Identity Movement and adopted more Americana in their messaging.

                      From their current website:
                      “American Identity Movement is a non-profit activist and fraternal organization founded on March 8, 2019 by Patrick Casey. Our worldview is best summarized by our five principles: nationalism, identitarianism, protectionism, non-interventionism, and populism.” (Emphasis mine.)

                      He’s making explicit white nationalist arguments in this thesis if it’s not already clear, which is actually a bit more bold than I would have expected. He won’t explicitly endorse a white ethnostate because that would be too far a jump for potential new recruits (and perhaps his professor). What he will do is give a presentation discussing mainstream concerns about immigration, unemployment, automation, etc., most will be offended but there will be some young, impressionable folks that won’t have the answers themselves so they’ll want to meet up afterwards to learn more. He’ll then talk with those kids and offer them leaflets and details about how to get involved in the movement, “Hey, we have a meeting at XYZ, free food, it’d be great if you show up!”

                      Get the kids to a couple of meetings, socialize them, make them new friends, then gently indoctrinate into them that the only way we can really preserve America and address these issues is if white people are dominant and we have an ethnic homeland.

                      At first I thought maybe he’s some dumb college kid who got duped by the neofascists but I got more curious since he claimed in a full-length version of this video that he had been doxxed by antifascist groups, you usually have to be pretty notable to get that kind of attention, they don’t waste that kind of effort on random MAGA folks.

                      Somebody’s gonna bitch about the source but this was the most detailed bio I could get on this guy, had to scroll past all the WN sites first. :scratch:

                      IDENTIFIED: Five More Members of Identity Evropa / American Identity Movement Racist Group in Georgia

                      Dude is full cadre, y’all got snagged.

                      Now I make tea and wait for someone to get pissed at me again..

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                      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                        Now I make tea and wait for someone to get pissed at me again..

                        Good research! :good:

                        Part of the reason to post such information is to flesh out and discuss.

                        I certainly don’t follow such groups in detail so it’s very easy to miss such associations, particularly after such rebranding. Additionally it is pretty standard to hide hidden agendas behind just enough truth to conduct disinformation.

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                        First Sergeant


                          I read this last night and decided that I needed to take a day before I responded.

                          Don’t ever mention Charlottesville as some white supremacist action. It was a communist/Antifa show from start to finish. The fucking governor at the time, McAuliffe, gave the order for the state troopers to stand down and allowed everything that happened. To include that fat whale of a communist getting killed. That is all on the left, but they got their martyr and the bullshit story has stuck ever since then.

                          As for the video, where exactly is he wrong? Provide details, not fucking feelings.

                          I didn’t get snagged. I know who the organization is. I have friends in Europe and I know from first hand commentary what is going on there.

                          If anyone from Antifa told me the sky was blue, I would set up a 48 hour OP to verify what they were saying. Antifa is a communist organization that wants to eradicate white people. Don’t fucking deny it because they have said it on multiple occasions.

                          Since this probably confirms for you that I am a racist fuck, let me explain something to you that maybe you will be able to grasp. I spent 23 years on AD serving with men from all race’s. There are good and bad from everywhere. The three best leaders I had, if they called me today and said “I am invading hell and need help” the only thing out of my mouth would be “what time do we step off from the LD?” Two of them are black and the third is hispanic.

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                          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                            Don’t ever mention Charlottesville as some white supremacist action. It was a communist/Antifa show from start to finish.

                            This is far truer than most will ever know or believe.

                            It is also true that some elements of that event were of the white supremacist ilk.

                            There were many more that simply believed in supporting the First Amendment for everyone!

                            While I do support the First Amendment for everyone the majority of these rallies were for useful idiots on both sides! I’ve written extensively on this.

                            The best lesson coming out of that applicable to the coming rallies in Virginia is to kick to the curb anyone who wants to dilute the real message with anything approaching a supremacists message, regardless of their Free speech message IMHO.

                            Though admittedly the media will promote everyone as racist anyway.

                            Lastly I don’t feel the need to prove or argue the fact I am not a racist in any manner. Quite frankly being called a racist doesn’t mean crap anymore as the Socialists have diluted it into obscurity by calling everyone but themselves racist. ;-)

                            When judged by actions the Socialists are for more racist anyway!

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                              This would be more polished but the peekaboo titlebar caused me to refresh this page like five times over the past three hours.

                              Most of my teammates were European, I already know about Londonistan, ISIS flags in the windows, that my YPG comrades get charged by their home states while ISIS fighters get rehabilitated, that the EU is scared to do anything because they’re fearful of radical Islamists in Turkey and their own countries, etc. Also know about demographic engineering, maybe you missed the Turkish invasion thread?

                              Antifa didn’t schedule the Unite the Right rally for Jason Kessler, he did, they planned a counterdemonstration, took a martyr because of state ineptitude, and got public sympathy as a result. Evil or not, that’s smart revolutionary politics. Proud Boys stayed away because it was clear it was going to be dominated by white supremacists, the militia guys that did go left because they didn’t want to be associated with Klansmen and Nazis.

                              My last post was meant as a lessons learned about the risks of activists using legitimate concerns to hook people and promote a radical, anti-liberty agenda, not a finger-pointing contest. Change the variables and it could be the New Black Panthers, Red Guards USA, or Islamic State. The whole point of the alt-right/Identitarian movement is that they don’t wear hoods or swastikas but dress up in business suits and describe themselves as a new generation of conservatives breaking with the status quo on the right that has failed America.

                              I didn’t call anybody racist because I assumed they didn’t know what American Identity Movement was, which is why I provided an explainer. I don’t think you’re a racist either, even though you weren’t even part of this conversation until yesterday. I’m not some suburban liberal, I’m an urban white guy who grew up in the minority so I’m not so cavalier about throwing the “racist” label around. More confused that you’re the one guy who says he knew what AIM was but got pissed off I called it out.

                              There’s a time and a place to research other groups’ ideology while knowing what they are, but giving a platform and prestige to these kinds of folks risks your movement being taken from you. History is replete with freedom movements that were hijacked by those with ulterior motives – Castro in Cuba, Khomeini in Iran, the Islamists in Syria, etc.

                              The problem for the liberty movement is that they have no coherent ideology. Are we libertarians? Nationalists? For less government? Law and Order? Cultural conservatives? An Identitarian movement that has a coherent ideology (a culturally conservative white ethnostate) could get public support from a desperate rural conservative population in a brutal and protracted civil conflict if it means security, at the expense of liberty. A lot of the neofascists (Chris Cantwell, Augustus Invictus, I could go on) got started in conservative and libertarian circles.

                              The Syrian rebels hated Assad so much they tolerated the jihadists in their ranks until it was too late. Don’t let hatred of a common enemy blind you to threats within your own ranks. Maybe during the Boogaloo you’re convinced you’re fighting against fellow conservatives until the young people your movement needs to survive are brainwashed by radicals and start talking like this:

                              You guys don’t hear my heated debates with leftists I know about Stalin or Mao apologism because Maoists aren’t infiltrating the liberty movement.

                              As for the original video’s proposals, are you willing to tolerate atrocities to remove all immigrants and ensure a white ethnostate? The current batch of babies being born in the US is minority-majority, how do you plan on dealing with that?

                              I really thought you and I had some understanding since we worked together as OPFOR, guess not.

                              Y’all win, Commie Rampant is gone, have fun with your groypers.

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                                Well let me say this about that. There was nothing in that vid that wasn’t true, at least to my knowledge. But, where we part company is when peeps start talking about hurting folks.

                                That was a helluva build up and exit, but I hope Double R will be back; I liked to hear his side of things.

                                1st Sgt is right; I spent my time in the Crotch with the finest people I will ever meet. Light, Medium, and Dark green Marines. I would fight to the death with them as brothers. But when nobody is shooting or throwing grenades at us we fuss and fight like hell, not to mention the agitators that purposely keep us riled up and at each other’s throat’s.

                                What really throws me is that everything the guy is pointing out is the truth, but because it doesn’t support the party line, it is dismissed as racist bullshit. And then when they talk about forceable removal, you lose most folks, although I would hasten to add that the radical left would love nothing better than to run all the old bitter clingers like me out of the country.

                                So yeah, talk about your inconvenient truth.

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                                  I just can’t understand the confusion in RR’s mind. Things are simple to me. Ideology? Basically Rightful Liberty. Nothing complicated about that.

                                  As for ‘ethnostate’ the UK used to be one. Yeah, if you can forget all the tribes at each others throats! American Colonies used to be one, back when it was British. Good times. The inportant poont about this is the shared values, those values that led the world and created Western Civilization. Those values are not in themselves ‘racis’, and there have always been plenty of people who are not ‘white’ in and among these ‘white ethnostates.’ It’s when the numbers get too skewed and the savages take charge that you don’t have those shared values anymore, and you usually get socialism or some sort of savagery. Just look at ‘the Squad’ in the democratic party. Not to mention the general satanic evil of the democrats / loony left as it is.

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                                    Yeah there it is. I mean I don’t think you can argue with the basic principles involved here, core values, etc, where we part company is how you plan to react to all this. If you are to the right, and react with violence, you are demonized and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If you are to the left, and resort to violence, you are merely acting out from oppression, and are usually given a pass. So the deck is clearly stacked. One side is as bad as the other, but the one side controls the narrative, so you are the bad guy.

                                    That is why I say our best COA is to separate ourselves from all this bullshit, form communities where the local and even perhaps state government is behind us, and tell them to fuck off.

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                                      As to a single ethno-state. Well if your overarching core principle is freedom, then all these other concerns are secondary. But if your “identity” as a whatever is your core principle, then you have irreconcilable differences. The radical identity movements have done more to fragment this society than anything else. Instead of emphasizing differences, the trick is to emphasize our common goals, which tie us together. And to ignore or put aside our differences, in as much as possible.

                                      The problem with all these radical identity groups is that these folks do not want to join in with us, they want to replace us. And when we protest about this, we are called racists, because, well, fill in the blank. Our country was never “legitimate” because it didn’t include them. So it must be torn down. And then you react with outrage that some folks might not take this lying down?

                                      It has never been about equal rights; it has always been about domination, and power. Anyone telling you anything different is a lying sack of shit. They bullshit you with all this talk about equal rights, but then when they get into positions of authority you ultimately get the Obama regime, where their motives become clear. It’s not about having a position of equality in your system, it’s about replacing your system with their own.

                                      And this whole concept of the left having a legitimate claim to violent action, but the right doesn’t; that’s just silly on the face of it. If you threaten a people’s way of life, you may well get a reaction to that; it doesn’t matter who that people may be. Why would you expect anything else?

                                      That is why I don’t advocate violence, I say separate yourself from all this. Then if they come after us, at least you have a group to fight with, and it’s a clear-cut choice at that point. Right now, we are scattered and easily picked off, one at a time.

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                                      First Sergeant

                                        I had a long post typed out to respond to what you wrote.

                                        At the end of the day you just don’t get it. You never will. There are things that we will never see eye to eye on, no matter what.

                                        I still have respect for what you did. You put your money where your mouth was and put your ass on the line. That’s more than I can say for a lot of people that I have met over the years.

                                        Signal Out, Can You Identify
                                        Je ne regrette rien
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                                          Duane, its not really fair to blame people being self absorbed. The entire system is stacked against us.Everything that kid said is true but there’s more to it than that. For instance, I have 3 children and a failed marriage. In order to cover child support and regular bills I have to work 7 days a week. A lot of my buddies see my struggle and the struggle of other divorced men and decide that having children isn’t worth the financial risk. Add the feminist narrative that women need to push off family and motherhood until later on in life to secure their place in the workforce… It becomes easy to see that there’s no singular reason for the lack of babies being born. There’s a lot compiled against us.

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                                            Leftist politicians are in love with illegal immigration from the developing world. That is because they believe (correctly) that those who enter their countries illegally will vote for them. It’s not about compassion. It’s about keeping and obtaining political power. What is best for their respective countries is irrelevant to these monsters.

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