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        This looks pretty promising? What’s the utility of something like this? Can it replace NODS?

        TNVC will be debuting a new line of IR Patrol Thermal Monoculars from IR Defense Corporation at SHOT Show 2015, booth #6502. The full release can be read below:

        IR Defense Corporation answers the call for a low cost, military grade thermal monocular
        World’s Most Cost Effective 640×480 Resolution Thermal Monocular

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          Thermal is cool and certainly a great tool to have access to but it will not replace standard night vision.

          I have access to an IR Hunter MKII and it is the best out there for the money imho. Problem is,in the context we’re talking, Id’ing your target, they are difficult to navigate with, Batt life is very short and I think its a drawback to not be able to see the visible light.

          There are things it can do that rock house such as picking up possible targets at hwy speed, seeing signatures at 1000yds or more, light conditions are a non factor.

          If you can afford it, own it but not until you have a Pvs-14 and all the crap to go with it.

          Just my .02

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            Based on my admittedly limited experience, I’d have to agree. Conventional head-mounted night vision is a better first step. Thermal can augment that, but something like a PVS-14 can allow you to walk around and function in darkness, whereas a thermal is not as good for that.

            I’d say NV is like daytime eyeballs, and thermal is like daytime binoculars or magnified rifle scope.

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              I’d rather have a hybrid unit. The down side to this is unless it’s weapon mounted you won’t be using it for shooting. Just observing.

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                I’ve been working on my setup and been working with the PVS14 helmet mounted over the left eye and using a entry level thermal scope, an RS24 mounted on the rifle. Gonna play with that setup for a while and see how I like it.

                Also have a T320 weapons sight and it’s definitely light years better than the RS24. But the RS24 is about half the price of the T320.

                Anyone looking at a FLIR Scout series PS24 or PS32 should now seriously consider an RS24 instead. It isn’t much bigger than the Scouts but it can be weapons mounted as well as being used as a hand held unit. Again, as far as Thermal goes, it is entry level stuff at that price range. But I had sold my Scout so I figured I’d replace it with a Thermosight.

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                  I picked up some spare Pvs14 mounts and figured out how to mount the Scout to a helmet. It’s very close to your eye. Just for fun, I went all tacticool and mounted the 14 also. Couldn’t raise my head up. :negative:

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                    The other cool feature found on units like the IR Hunter is the video out feature. You can hook a cable to the scope and to a LCD display either in the vehicle or structure. You can mount the scope on a remote control pan and tilt base and your all set. Thats pretty dayum versatile.

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