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        All – Have a DBAL-i2 dual aiming laser (red visible and IR). Looking to pick up JUST the IR portion to make another rifle NV ready/useful.

        Any recommendations? I’ve seen the Steiner Steiner OTAL Class 1 IR Laser in the $350 range.

        Appreciate it.


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          Ill defer to Robert….

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          Brian from Georgia

            I bought an OTAL-C from Robert ( It’s awesome. Very small, very light and puts a clear dot out farther than I’m comfortable shooting. White/IR flashlight gives any extra illum I might need.

            The mount is return-to-zero and well engineered. I’ve taken it on and off frequently and it’s never more than a click or two off zero.

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              Cool, thanks, figured Robert’s name would come up either directly or indirectly. Will reach out to him


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                Cool, thanks, figured Robert’s name would come up either directly or indirectly. Will reach out to him



                Let us know what he says…… “Inquiring minds want to know”. :bye:

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                  So the GOOD NEWS- Steiner after saying they were “discontinuing” the OTAL-C this summer, later said they would “re-introduce” it this fall with a lower price. I asked what would be different- “it just won’t ship with a manual” is what I was told. That’s no big deal because Steiner’s manuals on the IR lasers have typically SUCKED bad- the DBAL manual covers at least 4 or 5 variants including the military only ones.

                  So good news- they dropped the price. Heck their wholesale cost was close to this as recently as this summer. So good time to get one.

                  BAD NEWS- LDI/Steiner has typically ran a lead time on average about 4-6 months on these. Yep you read that right. So you absolutely positively got to catch them while they are available, as production runs (historically) have been few and far between. I got to where I wasn’t really pushing them because of this. No one wants to wait that long for a product, I know I don’t want to.

                  That being said, they are some currently in stock. I have a few that aren’t already pre-sold arriving tomorrow and (supposedly) more in about a week.

                  MVT folks call to order or put “$350. MVT” in the special instructions if you order online (you are NOT charged when you first put the order in) and I will adjust price. That being said, I can’t guarantee availability long, so shoot me an email or call if you want me to hold you one.


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                    I am interested in getting either a DBAL or OTAL laser and would like recommendations from users. My use would be SUT in forest and high desert with teammates who do not have NOD’s. I have a head mounted PVS-14 and an Inforce white/IR light.

                    What are the advantages/disadvantages of a visible laser on the DBAL?


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                      Very little use IMO. I have been told by a soldier in Iraq, they used visible for crowd control. He said when they look down and see a dot on their chest, they got the hint and went home.

                      I dont think the laser is powerful enough for target designation for team use.

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                      First Sergeant

                        The only time I used a visible laser while deployed was to point out something to somebody while in a house, compound or building.

                        I did it to make sure they knew what I was talking about or to tell them to cover it. Worked well if you had multiple doors and wanted to pinpoint one quickly.

                        Never used it otherwise.

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