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        This was originally printed in 1938. The Infantry School at Ft. Benning put together a book of lessons learned for the Infantry during WW1. George C. Marshall played a major role in it being printed.

        It is a no holds barred look at infantry warfare during WW1. Examples are taken from American, French and German experiences. Each example is an AAR of that action.

        For those that have been to HEAT 1, think about this quote:
        “…fire without movement is useless and movement without fire is suicidal.”

        There was talk around ’06 to ’09 time frame of doing a book like this for Afghanistan and Iraq. The Infantry School at Ft. Benning was asking for submissions. Nothing ever came of it and I have my own suspicions why.

        If you like history or are just interested in tactics this is a good book to spend some time with. I have had my copy for years and still pick up things out of it.

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          Thank you sir!!

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            Thanks, looks good. Found a PDF copy at

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