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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        So July 4th is right around the corner.

        Obviously we have had general threats every year since 9/11, but given current events it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see increased domestic danger.

        Given the stated purposes of the self identified Marxists, it seems likely that there will be some response to our Nations celebrations.

        OSINT is surprisingly quiet, which maybe an indicator in its self.

        Many rumors, but nothing specific.

        Still I highly recommend increased readiness regardless, in a time where this should standard a little extra shouldn’t be unwarranted IMHO.

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        Robert Henry

          I look for a major false flag event soon. Something on the order of some “evil gunowners firing at “peaceful protestors” as they burn the houses next to them in a spontaneous show of love..” Sounds like a future headline from the Ministry of Truth.

          How many fingers am I holding up Winston?

          If you haven’t read/listened to or watched 1984 there are great options for audiobooks and the old movie with Richard Burton.

          Lost my MVT class list- been here a time or two :)
          Team Coyote. Rifleman Challenge- Vanguard

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            Yeah, a false flag attack on “peaceful protesters” seems the most likely scenario. The commies have definitely been playing to a sympathetic media up to this point. Any kind of SERIOUS violence (shooting, bombing) until AFTER an attack by “evil right-wingers” would seem to be counterproductive from their standpoint.

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              Yeah I am hunkering down at home. At the Crossfire North America Isolation Center. Also known as my house.

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                Well, depending on where you’re at, and these days that’s a big adult-sized Depends, the “White Supremacy Day” celebration was either NBD, or some kind of riot. Around these parts, all we had was maybe a little up-tick in fireworks, since the local .govs were slacking.

                But I guess our former Baltimore correspondent had his Spanish explorer/exploiter torn down and tossed in the river. Swim back to where you came from, conquistador. And they’re now running over peaceful protesters in Portland. So their local LE is no longer allowing them on the highways. Ya think? Wow what a concept: keep pedestrians off highways; who’da thunk it.

                DC, the usual suspects. NYC, oh man what a fucking mess.

                You know, just a thought; when the bombers flew over those major population centers…uh never mind.

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                  Diz, your reference to the bombers is similar to what I said on another forum. I said the solution for Chicago might be in the kiloton range.

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