Important! VCDL / GOA Response to AG Herring Opinion on Sanctuary Counties!

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          Very interesting and a good look into our foundation.

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          D Close

            The letter, is entirely correct. It exposes the hypocrisy of Northam and Herring. It clarifies for the dim bulbs in Richmond the idea of a petition and the limits and sources of Constitutional government. Ultimately, the will of the People to resist will determine the outcome. The will of the tyrant will also get a vote. The letter is helpful in undermining the legitimacy of the tyrant and the claim to supremacy over these lower jurisdictions. There are 2100 sworn Troopers in Virginia, 7400 State Guardsman. Many of these are gun owners. There is little prospect of adding to those numbers in the future. In all likelihood, the actual numbers of “boots on the ground” available to the tyrants in Richmond is something less than that. They cannot sustain a sizable loss and do not completely control the access to information they would need to suppress dissent completely.
            Whatever does ultimately pass in Virginia this month will signal whether the tyrants are aware and comprehend what these numbers mean. The value of the letter is that any moral or legal pretense the AG or Governor sought to occupy has been effectively denied them. It will serve as a moral basis for a resistance should it come to that. Let us pray that the wise prevail.

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              Wow that there is some letter. Exposes the hypocrisy as well as the legal precedence of these ass-clowns, when they ignored higher/existing law concerning marriage, NDAA, and of course sanctuary cities for illegal aliens.

              It never ceases to amaze me how the commies freely argue both/any side of the argument, as long as it supports their party line.

              I always wondered what it was really like to live in colonial/revolutionary times. What were the patriots really like, not what we later idealized them as, (and subsequently vilified them as). Looks like I may get to find out.

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