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        Or if you’ve been paying attention to what is going on, You will understand what this kid is talking about.


        He goes off on a teacher for not giving a damn about what she is doing. Having five sons from the age of 22 down to 7, I can tell you that watching the changes in education over the last 18 years,
        I can say definitively that the kid in the video absolutely nails the state of public education today.

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          I graduated high school in 2010. I can honestly say I had one teacher who actually was concerned about our education and would confront the failures of the public education system. I had a few who were concerned with our education but still only fed us the textbook and progressive bs, blind as they were. The rest just fed us the textbook and progressive bs and didn’t care.

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            WOW! I would like to meet that young man. :good:

            MrsMac and I have never been blessed with children. So I have no experience to say yea or nay on todays educational system. With that said, I have noticed more and more parents pulling their kids out of school and home schooling them.

            The neighbor up at the redoubt has done so. The parents are involved in a “home schooling group” where many of the parents of other home schooled kids help out. Some of the parents help out with gym, field trips, home-ec, music lessons, martial arts, shooting pellet guns and bow & arrow sports, wood working (I volunteered for that – Make sure you count your fingers at the end of those classes :cry: ), etcetera. Let me tell you, that 10 year old lad is smarter than I was at that age.

            A neighbor back in Rhode Island is the poster child for liberal. He told me recently he is going to start home schooling his 9 year old son the next school season. He is rather frustrated that his sons elementary school teaches to the lowest common denominator and his son is bored and starting to loose interest in school all together. Complaints by him and his wife have fallen on deaf ears.

            I feel for parents today, especially if both work. There are few options other than private school or home schooling. As from what I have heard, teachers are not encouraged to listen to parents or their children’s needs.

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            Brian from Georgia

              I’ve been blessed in that my children haven’t spent a single day in government schools.

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                I must have lucked out- even my public schools were good (I went to both public and private).

                But yes, class discussion is less common now. No debates, no ideas, no problems to solve (just answers to memorize). Let’s get offensive!

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                  Homeschooling here. I went through the government schools. Will never do that to my kids.

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