Harvard University Professor and Two Chinese Nationals Charged in Three Separate

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            We get through all this I think there will be a major paradigm shift, at least for now we have a businessman in the White house and not a party that looks to the Chinese for donations.

            This is a bit old but it shows the Chinese conduit into to University system.

            The Confucius Institutes, China’s vehicle for ideological warfare in America

            How does China induce colleges and universities to cooperate in its propaganda war? According to the NAS report, it does so not just by providing funding, free textbooks, and teachers, but also by attracting full-tuition paying Chinese students, funding scholarships for Americans to study abroad, and serving as a conduit through which college presidents and administrators enjoy trips to and state dinners in China.

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              China is not our friend. They will never be our friend. They have abused our way of life for their gain for a few decades now. They are thieves and liars (at the gov level).

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                China has the 100,000 claw program or something like that to get Chinese nationals to sabotage, steal ect.. in the country. The program has expanded and they now entice individuals with low national character.

                Also of note, Jeff Sessions was the guy pushing for these investigations. I am glad that its bearing some fruit.

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