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        Just sitting around waiting for King George to show up.

        Enjoy the country while it is still here.

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          I was hoping to see the annual “ungrateful colonists” meme to show up.


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          Dark Knight

            I was not feeling my normal self this 4th of July. It is usually one of favorites. A holiday that EVERYONE in this country should be celebrating. It crosses, religious, ethnic, cultural, boundaries.

            This year I just felt like the founding fathers would be smacking a lot of today’s patriots in the face and asking why we are letting our great Republic fall apart. I remember a meme which said something to the effect of the American revolution was started by a small tax on a breakfast beverage…and it wasn’t even COFFEE!.

            I am working hard to get my fitness, my gear, and my preps ready, but for what? What is going to be the line in the sand that pushes the patriots over the edge.

            I think one think that hurts us today is our lack of self-sufficiency. We all know we need a paycheck to continue to survive. We don’t have out own crops to eat, many do not know how to hunt, clean and cook wild animals, most do not outright own their property, and even if you do, there are taxes to be paid. So, no one wants to take the first step because there is so much to lose.

            If the founding fathers and those who fought the revolution had felt that way, we would still be bowing to the Queen!

            I am guilty of this. I know that there is so much to lose, but when does the tyranny become too much? Or do we just wait until the fight comes to our neighborhood? I have questions, but no answers.

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              Dark Knight;
              The billion dollar question.

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