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      D Close

        Max Velocity wrote
        I was feeling nostalgic.

        Here is a video of some of Pegasus Co PT

        Edit: attached new video. Old link didn’t work.

        Pegasus Company, otherwise known as Pre-Parachute Selection, is the threshold to UK Airborne Forces. There are actually three courses that allow you to progress to Airborne School in the UK:

        Pegasus (‘P’) Company (Parachute Regiment/16 Air Assault Brigade)
        Commando Course (Royal Marines/Commando Brigade)

        Pre-Parachute selection allows you to progress to jump school and serve with 16 Air Assault Brigade. The Parachute Regiment has P Company as the basic selection requirement, they run it. The Parachute Regiment provides two Battalions to 16 Air Assault Brigade and one Battalion to the SFSG (Special Forces Support Group).

        16 Brigade also runs the Pathfinder Platoon, which is a HALO trained recce force with its own additional selection course.

        This level of PT, selection and conditioning will allow you to train soldiers up to the task of tactical operations in harsh conditions.

        Got PT?

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          That video no longer works.

          And yeah, find a Crossfit Gym, and join it. If that doesn’t work, buy a tractor tire and a sledgehammer and make a pull-up bar with gymnast rings. You could probably procure/make this stuff for <$250.

          Exercises you can do with those pieces of equipment:

          Box jumps (jump up and down on the tire)
          Tire flips
          Tire sledgehammers
          Muscle Ups
          Ring Dips

          Exercises that don’t need equipment (to name a few):
          Air Squats
          Plank Holds
          Superman Hold
          Sit ups/crunches (pick your poison)

          The hardest part of PT is getting started. Once you’re doing it, you’re good to go!

          By the way, if you’re apart of a Crossfit Box, you get to be around folks that look like this. I included stuff for the ladies too. Enjoy!

          Anyone else have PT ideas?

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            I recently downloaded the JAFF Military Workout on my android. I’ve only gotten a few days into it, but I enjoy it. I had to turn the intensity down a bit so I could function day to day, but I should be turning it back up relatively soon. It’s a 60 day workout, adjustable intensity (from 1 to 30), and it’s free. Good deal.

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              Sounds interesting.
              Ill look into it too.

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                Cross Fit is good… to a point. This is my opinion (just like a**holes, we all got ’em), but you’re not really training for anything in particular. It’s just working out for the sake of working out. I think it’s a GREAT starting point. I would just advise eventually training for something specific that you really enjoy and move into training other than Cross Fit that focuses on making you better for that specific event or goal.

                Sorry if that doesn’t make sense. I just see Cross Fit as kind of a cult without any real reason to be training other than JUST being fit. I think you limit your potential when you’re not training to be better at say hand to hand or humping a ruck quickly over a day hike (15-20 miles or more).

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