GOP member blasts Trump for quoting pastor warning of civil war over impeachment

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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        GOP lawmaker blasts Trump for quoting pastor warning of civil war over impeachment


        The rare rebuke from a Republican member of Congress came in response to Trump tweeting a quote from Pastor Robert Jeffress on Fox News.

        ” ‘If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal,’ ” Trump tweeted.

        First from my perspective this certainly isn’t a threat as reported by many, in fact a “Civil War like fracture” isn’t even a warning of war, but a statement of possible reaction by some people.

        So let’s take it a step further!

        Is it possible that a Trump impeachment could lead to actual internal conflict within US?

        Normally I would say no, however the recent look at Parler as a Twitter alternative raises issues that we can’t ignore IMHO.

        While I certainly don’t support Trump unquestioningly, I do support him overall, at least until he does something stupid regarding firearms.

        Now even a cursory look at Trump fans on Parler show; at least in text form, a almost fanatical support of Trump. His Rallies show similiar.

        So is it so far fetched to think that a successful impeachment of Trump could lead to violence?

        What about a failed attempt to impeach? Could elements of Antifa use that as an excuse to fight?


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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

          “Civil War like fracture,” in the aftermath of the Civil War the country was fractured for many generations.

          Here’s an example for our “Yankee” members. ;-)

          Here in Florida in the late 1970’s it wasn’t all that uncommon for a recently relocated “Yankee” to make a ill advised comment leading to a fistfight over the Civil War!

          Think about that school age kids fighting over something that had occurred over a hundred years prior.

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            She’s gonna run! They are wheeling her out!

            Imagine, 2020, Hillary wins the election. Holy balls batman.

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                Elizabeth Warren will most likely be the preferred democrat candidate by the establishment.

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              Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                She’s gonna run! They are wheeling her out!

                I don’t think she’s Left enough to be nominated. ;-)

                Far too conservative! :yes:

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                  Parlor seems to be filled with MAGA plan trusters who just are along for the ride.

                  As far as a civil war if he was to be impeached i don’t think that will happen. It will be another straw, but I don’t see it breaking the proverbial camels back.

                  Joe its the War of Northern Aggression not the “civil war” and I am a Yankee. :good:

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                    I’m seriously curious how long Joe Biden can go before Hunter Biden’s foreign business investments start to sap support for his candidacy. All the MSM is saying he did nothing wrong but getting board positions that pay more monthly than many make in a year every time your VP daddy visits a country looks really swampish, somebody is going to start pushing on this, probably even other Democratic candidates.

                    Depending on how serious these charges get this could simply be a failed impeachment, with his base inflamed, pushing him ahead in 2020, a failed impeachment that damages him enough to make Warren win in 2020, or a successful impeachment.

                    I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t intending to do anything impeachable but was so uninformed that he wound up doing so accidentally, he hasn’t proven himself the brightest person to hold the office.

                    I don’t really hop on Parler so I’m not sure how MAGAland is reacting. Wouldn’t be surprised if some pro-MAGA lone wolf attacks happen in the event of an impeachment, though. Lone wolf attacks by some random idiots fueling support for gun control in an election year, Dems ride that wave and push the gun bans through with the explicit goal of disarming conservatives, then you have conditions for a hot conflict.

                    If the Boogaloo kicks off under the leadership of folks trying to reinstate a geriatric president that would be a really shit situation ijs.

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                    Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                      I personally don’t believe Trump did anything impeachable if we keep in the real reason it’s an available option, vice the impeach for anything that will get Trump out.

                      Obviously it’s the Senate that does anything tangible, so the question becomes are there enough “never Trumpers” to join Democrats.

                      I believe the the Socialist have ruined any real chance with everyone who opposes them is a racist rant (among other equally absurd accusations). At this point even if they found something real most regular people won’t believe

                      These efforts will embolden Trumps supporters more than Democrats. Even with voter fraud I don’t believe there are enough extremists to buy current Leftwing absurdity.

                      Time will tell.

                      Not sure what current Parler vibe is since I’ve abandoned it, but plenty of nuts from past observations.

                      I think about have of the MAGA crowd is in the Trump can not do wrong camp. This isn’t much different from about half of the Left who believe Trump is incapable of doing anything correct. ;-)

                      So how close can we get to true conflict?

                      Remember there are elements within both Left and Right that want this conflict to happen.

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                        Hillary 2020.

                        Also, email investigation is STILL going on. If she runs, she will be immune because of the usual reasons of election interference. Methinks they waited too long to prosecute her crimes.

                        Re doing 2016 will be highly popular with the left. I may be wrong, but it’s a definite course of action at this time.

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