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          Now sure why this keeps being brought up. MVT has always dissassociated from ‘militia’ activities. We are not even forming a ‘militia’ for events in Culpeper with the Culpeper County 2A or the Culpeper Volunteers. Legally, all of you are in the unorganized militia, thus you need to train to be able to serve when called. In Virginia, only State authorities can call up the unorganized militia. A ‘private militia’ is not authorized by State Constitution. It is in fact a paramilitary group and hence unlawful since 1987 by VA law.

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          First Sergeant

            Now sure why this keeps being brought up. MVT has always dissassociated from ‘militia’ activities. We are not even forming a ‘militia’ for events in Culpeper with the Culpeper County 2A or the Culpeper Volunteers. Legally, all of you are in the unorganized militia, thus you need to train to be able to serve when called. In Virginia, only State authorities can call up the unorganized militia. A ‘private militia’ is not authorized by State Constitution. It is in fact a paramilitary group and hence unlawful since 1987 by VA law.

            Because the people “supposedly” on our side want to make sure that everybody protesting in VA is considered part of the “militia”. They want to be able to label anyone as fringe and an undesirable because “those people” aren’t bowing to their recommendations about what should and shouldn’t be done.

            Signal Out, Can You Identify
            Je ne regrette rien
            In Orbe Terrum Non Visi

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              Agreed. Bottom line, according to statutes in most states, and in the U.S.Constitution as well, if you are the right age, able-bodied and not exempt, you ARE the Militia. 

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                I agree with sentiment of Max and others about avoiding the militia label as much as possible, because it’s tainted and legally nobody can pull militia rank without the governor’s authority, I also think that the district attorney’s office isn’t going to make a distinction over groups of people conducting “tactical training” as a defensive training group or CUTT or whatever and those who formally call themselves “militia”. In that sense understanding what the old militia heads of the 1990s went through is worth noting because many of the LE tactics will be the same.

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                  In this day and age, I think we need to be very careful about what we talk about in open forum. When I see new guys come on here and start in with this kind of rhetoric, my bullshit antennae goes up. Could be totally innocent, and/or on “our side” but, sorry, I don’t know these guys from Adam, so I don’t think all this talk about militia and so forth is a good idea. If you really want to talk with Max and company, show up at the campfire talks and say your piece. Otherwise, you’re just putting crosshairs on this forum.

                  In the very near future, OPSEC may actually have to go into place. Talking this kind of shit in open forum is just gonna draw fire. I think Max has been very plain and forthright about where he stands, and what he intends to do about it. Go thou and do likewise. RR is right, the M-word is so tainted that using it draws unwanted(?) attention to yourself (or others).

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                    I had posted this on the Culpeper County 2A / Culpeper Volunteers page:

                    Let’s deal with the elephant in the room: The Militia.

                    The problem is that calling for the militia to assemble, or joining a ‘militia’, will simply label you fringe. It is a way to discredit this lawful movement, which denigrates the aim of protecting our Constitutional rights.

                    It is is true that all of you are theoretically in the Unorganized Militia. As such, as Patriots, you should make the effort to be equipped, physically fit, and trained to arms (i.e. tactically trained, modern speak for well regulated). But you can’t form your own militia, and authority for raising the unorganized militia rests with the State. A ‘militia resolution’, such as Tazewell County made, only really made some assurances, such as concealed carry training, in order to ensure people were equipped to become a militia if called – it did not actually raise a militia.

                    The private militias of the 90’s and contemporary times were a disaster. They are actually paramilitary groups with no legal authority – private armies covered by the 1987 VA paramilitary law. Not only were these ‘militias’ vilified by the MSM, they were their own worst enemy with ridiculously low standards of physical fitness, competency, and training. A joke.

                    Here at CC2A, and over at Culpeper Volunteers, we are not asking you to become a militia. The Minutemen are historical, not current. What we are asking is only that you train to gain confidence with your firearms, for the good of your family and the community. We do not know what is in our future here in Virginia, but the situation will develop and we sure live in interesting times. Be ready for whatever comes down the pike. Hope is not a course of action. Be prepared and ready.

                    I just posted the first range day on Sunday 12 January in the Culpeper Volinteers group.

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                      I think this is fantastic, as a LOGICAL response to tyranny, in this day and age. Culpeper County has a priceless resource here. Learn how to protect your family, your community from whatever comes down the pike. The only ones who should feel threatened by this are the ones who mean to dis-arm you, or otherwise do you harm. If this happens to be the unlawful over-reach of a state, or federal government, then so be it.

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                      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                        I’ve never understood the need for the militia label under any circumstances.

                        The only reasonable explanation; whether admitted or not, is ego!

                        This along with pretend ranks, oh look at me I am a Colonel with 10 people under my command. :wacko:

                        Yea technically many are part of this theoretical militia, but considering the context are you ready for Northam to call you up? ;-)

                        I would also point out according to most definitions unless you are former regular military you are too old after 45, 64 for prior regular military.

                        So if you must have a label I suggest something to do with airsoft! B-)

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                          Too true, mate, it has had more to do with playing dress-up with pretend rank badges, than it has with actual field/tactical training. More Colonels than a KFC commercial.

                          Due to the communist insurgency, the M-word has become synonymous with right-wing hate group, aka domestic terrorists. So the irony is while these goofs are essentially harmless, what they represent is a direct threat to the communist agenda. Using the term either makes you an ass-clown, or lights you up on the threat board.

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                          Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                            Want a good name…

                            …how about “The Pink Unicorn Airsofters!”

                            I can’t think of a better sentiment than a group of wannabe tyrants having such a ridiculous name strike fear into their hearts!

                            “The Pink Unicorn Airsofters” are attacking!

                            Run, run for your lives! :yahoo:

                            You can leave a pink plastic unicorn as your calling card on your vanquished foes bodies.

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                                How dare you question my rank!

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                                  Posted on the Culpeper County 2A page:

                                  Let’s take a look at proper mindset.

                                  As I listen to commentary and comments, I see many who are hoping for a peaceful, or legal, solution to what is happening in Virginia. I hope so too, which is why we are making all the effort with lobbying.

                                  But I honestly don’t think that the leftists will quit. Perhaps we may dodge the bullet in 2020? But it’s coming. America is watching Virginia, and we have the honor of taking the lead over how this gun (people) control plan plays out.

                                  To me, the only option left is to stand up against what is planned for us. It is nothing less than the ‘fundamental transformation’ of America, and the tight control of all aspects of our lives. If we can push back and turn the tide in Virginia, we may even have the ability to set a wave going back into other ‘behind enemy lines’ States, and stem the tide.

                                  But what does this mean? It means that we draw the line on any more infringements on our rights. Stop getting all confused over ‘laws’ that may or may not be passed in Richmond. We know what the law is, and it is the Virginia and United States Constitutions. It is those laws that we will follow.

                                  This may mean that you become a supposed ‘felon’ on July 1st 2020. I know that is hard for all of us, because we are all struggling to make a living and get by in our lives. We have children to raise. But we must be assured that those we elect to represent us, have our backs. And currently, Richmond does not. They have set themselves against us. Thus, we must stand, and not comply.

                                  This is what you must get your mind right about. Hoping it won’t happen is not a solid strategy – you need to start planning for if it does happen. When I write a post like this, it has the potential of setting off the reader with poor reading comprehension, with fits thinking I am advocating violence. Absolutely not – you must be competent in self-defense, as you should always be, and equipped, fit and trained for any case where you need to defend your family and community. But no, any threats of violence have only so far come from Richmond. If anyone fires the first shot in this disaster, it will be Richmond. We are the real law abiding folks in this situation, and it is the lawless oath breakers who are about to take office in Richmond who have threatened this madness.

                                  Stay calm, keep your powder dry, and prepare.

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                                    Two words.. “Belt fed”.. :yahoo:

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                                      For those who like to seek their cowardice in the complexity of law, Patrick posted this on the CC2A page today:

                                      Remember this the next time you hear that only judges can decide that which is or is not constitutional. The Bill of Rights belongs to us.

                                      “A bill of rights may be considered, not only as intended to give law, and assign limits to a government about to be established, but as giving information to the people. By reducing speculative truths to fundamental laws, every man of the meanest capacity and understanding may learn his own rights, and know when they are violated…”

                                      Virginia Judge St. George Tucker, 1803

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