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        This is probably something that we all know, but concerning optics you get what you pay for. Scopes and red dots we all know the good ones.
        My thought for this topic is safety glasses. Since I wear glasses (corrective) I wear them also as my safety glasses. I just add eye shields. My prescription are safety rated. Most who don’t wear glasses use some kind of eye Pro. Here’s the rub. Don’t scrimp on eye Pro. You all know the good ones. You will pay upwards of $100.00 or more for them. If you go to the hardware store and buy the $5.00 Stihl chainsaw safety glasses, that’s good enough for cutting trees but how good will they be at making positive target ids at any distance. They do not have the optical quality of say prescriptions or high end eyewear. Secondarily when looking through a scope or red dot you are adding another lens to already stacked lenses in your optics. Even with good eyewear that extra lens may distort slightly what you see. The $5.00 ones almost surely.
        Don’t spend $500.00 to $1,000.00 on optics then shortchange yourself on eye protection. Or, if you spend $100.00 on optics don’t make it worse with cheap eye pro.
        Probably preaching to the choir here, but just a thought.

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          I also wear corrective lenses. One of the things I found that I loved was what I think was called ‘digital mapping’ prescription (read expensive). What this seems to mean is that no matter which section of the lens or the angle thru the lens, the prescription is ‘correct’. I am going to edit this post when I figure out the proper terms.

          You are right though, good glasses are worth it.

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