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        Going Home series by A. American

        I just finished the third book in the Going Home Series by A. American (Angry American). I am going to give a short review for each book in the series. To set the stage the series is based on the hero Morgan Carter, who fights his way home post an EMP attack. Once home shoring up his home base and leaving home base when things heat up.

        Going Home:
        If you only read this book of the series you will be way ahead of the game. Overall I would rate Going Home a 4 on the JohnyMac 1-5 scale with 5 being outstanding.

        The book starts out with Carter becoming stranded about 200 miles from home while on a business trip when the EMP hits. The book is his adventures on the trip home. The book kept me turning the pages way into the late hours. The secondary benefit was I got a host of information to research and in some cases execute on, for my own gear. With a few exceptions (killing 4-5 people in the first 30 pages), the book was believable.

        Surviving Home:
        Once home to his subdivision in Florida, Carter organizes his community to deal with the effects of the EMP; from getting things to run to security of the subdivision which he and his family live in.

        I purchased the book with much anticipation because I liked Going Home so much but was greatly disappointed. Overall I would rate this book a 2.5 on the earlier mentioned JohnyMac scale. The book did not keep me turning pages because in part I would get annoyed with the subdivisions lack of PERSEC (Personal Security) and at times the unrealistic story line.

        Escaping Home:
        To be honest I wasn’t going to buy this one however my wife had read the two previous books so she wanted to read the third one in the series. I shelled out the $16- or so and bought it for her (When did paperback books go to $16-) as a small present. Before I get a barrage of comments on hard book vs. eBook; MrsMac does not do computers in anyway shape or form. :negative:

        One rainy day I had nothing handy to read so I picked this book up to read. In reality it was just a continuation of Surviving Home with a few additional twists.

        If I was the editor I would have instructed the author to cut about 100 pages from Surviving Home and another 100 pages from Escaping Home and combined the two novels into one. Then maybe retitle it, What Not to do at Home. I would rate this book a <2.
        For you 2012 Obama voters that means “less than 2” rating.

        I know this is a pretty harsh review but I am pretty sure that if Max Velocity or John Mosby read this book, by about page 50 it would have ended up in the wood stove or saved for toilet paper post TEOTWAWKI!

        In closing, there is a fourth one in the series that just came out called Forsaking Home. Please do not let MrsMac know so I can save the $16-!

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          The series has great reviews on Amazon. Hmmm.
          Where is my review of Patriot Dawn? Or are you just sparing my feelings….?

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          Brian from Georgia

            I read the first two. Someone gave me an Amazon gift card so I wasn’t losing much.

            I agree with your rating of <2 for both. The first book read like a gear review. The second book had a little better character development but the storylines and plots were typical and predictable.

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              Max wrote:
              Where is my review of Patriot Dawn? Or are you just sparing my feelings….?

              I did one for Patriot Dawn back when it first came out on UP and Amazon.com. As a matter of fact you sent me an email thanking me for the review and suggesting Contact to read next.

              I will go and copy & paste my review of PD from UP. Gee JohnyMac….How many letters/acronyms can you use in one sentence :yahoo:

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                Actually I found these these books laid bare some pretty hard truths. Within the story line, people you are rooting for die, people who you hope make the right decision, they don’t and become opfor thugs. Now I do have to say book one, gear review, long thought out story from someone who obviously worried about that exact thing, so the story was easy. A. American is not a good author, neither is Glen Tate (299 days), and neither is Max Velocity (sorry Max :whistle: ) with Patriot Dawn, but damn, they are better authors than I am, and better men than I am, they are obviously writing in warning (prophecy may be a strong word, but we’ll see, it may apply) trying to give a nod to those of us who care, and maybe waking up a few who don’t know they care. I have tried to find in all 3 of the above mentioned series/books what I find to be most useful, and if you combine the three, here is what I walk away with. No matter if it is full blown SHTF, EMP, dogs and cats mating, or a partial collapse, it is not going to be what I imagine, so I better be prepared. The bad guys in whatever scenario is your nightmare (mad max, zombie commies, or meth head exmarine force recon bikers) will be willing to kill to get what you got, so you have better have solid training, and a trustworthy team. After all, these are all fictional accounts of SHTF scenarios, I found them fun to read, but there is nothing wrong with having something to take away from whatever alternate reality you choose to occupy idle time with. (At least you are not watching real housewife’s)

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                  Great comments! :good:

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                    still think 1 second after is the best ‘reality sucks’ EMP book

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                      Damn Shmitty80; I was saving that review till the second week of June! “/.

                      I AGREE! One Second After by William R. Forstchen is second to my favorite EMP/Apocalyptical tale (s) out there. The Stand by Stephen King is my first favorite read of this genera.

                      One Second After was MrsMac’s awakening moment. I think it was due in part to the one child of the hero who was a “juvie” diabetic. My wife has been one too since she was 13 years of age.

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