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        We need some leaders like this these days. Skip forward to 2:40 for the actual speech –

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          Interesting how applicable that speech is now. Great post!

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            The monstrous Beast growing in Washington DC has been waging war on the population since at least 1861. It may not be a hot shooting war (although the Beast has murdered plenty of innocents) but its been a war of legalese, regulations, policies, statutes, taxes, and everything else the mind of a Statist can dream up.

            They have reduced us from free and sovereign Human Beings to being chattel slaves living and laboring on the vast American tax plantation. There isn’t one aspect of life that isn’t regulated in some way by the Beast.

            But there is a tiny minority that yearns to be truly free, free in mind, body, and Spirit. They are chafing under the yoke of governmental slavery. They reject tyranny in all of its forms. They are beginning to see what has been done them by the Beast.

            They are preparing for what is coming. They are steeling the mind and hardening the heart for what is coming. Nothing can stop it for some Men will live free no matter the cost.

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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