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        I know of a lot of people using gear from other locations because of the way the gear looks. When you look at some of this chiCom/non Berry stuff through night vision it glows. Please ensure that you make and effort to get gear that can reduce its signature to an enemy with NVGs. I have found some plate carriers that my wife’s job got that were made overseas verse their factory in the states that glow. Granted in downtown DC it is always bright but the important part is get gear that works. Try to get gear that does not retain heat during the day or at night. Lastly try to buy US made and/or US surplus kit. The majority of the time the equipment is good to go. If you get a Molle One Pack replace the Frame or just RUN and sell it to someone else. Body Armor, If you get it make sure it stops M855 and M193. In the states those are your biggest threats.

        Myself I have a few great vacations to Iraq doing Convoys, MiTT Teams, and as PSD team Commander visiting many great countries that were hot. You can take my PSA or just drive on.

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          I must admit your post is a bit confusing. :unsure:

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