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      Joe (G.W.N.S.)

        The following are some PDF’s that should be useful.

        Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook is a must have IMHO.

        Link to the 1 June 2001 edition in PDF.

        The newest version (11 December 2012) is difficult to find online, but is available from the Government Printing Office for $59.00 looseleaf binder format, $9.99 for E-book, and $6.25 for a CD-ROM.

        2d edition. A comprehensive reference designed for medics in the field, it is also a must-have reference for any military or emergency response medical personnel, particularly in hostile environments. Developed as a primary medical information resource and field guide for the Special Operations Command (SOCOM).

        Defines the standard of health care delivery under adverse and general field conditions. Organized according to symptoms, organ systems, specialty areas, operational environments and procedures. Emphasizes acute care in all its forms (including gynecology, general medicine, dentistry, poisonings, infestations, parasitic infections, acute infections, hyper and hypothermia, high altitude, aerospace, dive medicine, and sanitation.)

        Printed on tear-resistant, water-resistant, synthetic paper. A 5.25 inch by 8.5 inch quick-reference guide with a three hole punched ring binding.

        I believe the $59.00 format is worth the price, but if you are not familiar with this check out the free 2001 PDF to get a feel for them. The 2012 2nd edition is of course updated much of it from the latest GWOT experience.

        Emergency War Surgery is available in MOBI/EPUB/PDF at this link. This is an excellent resource.

        Note: [ERRATUM: Please note that Table 31-1 on p. 451 has an error. Hourly volume for children up to 10 kg should be 4 mL/kg, not 10 mL/kg. This has been corrected on the PDF version.]

        Hesperian Health Guides publishes many useful books and is most known for “Where There Is No Doctor” and “Where There Is No Dentist.” The “A Book for Midwives” is definitely worth having.
        To take advantage of the Free PDF’s each chapter is a separate PDF, not ideal but free. Of course they can be purchased from many sources.

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        Joe (G.W.N.S.)

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