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        I have not been on the forum much since publishing the Manual. Family Flu before Easter, now up here at the VTC prepping the site and now HEAT 2 tomorrow.

        At some point I have to schedule the latter part of the year. Before I start sticking pins in the calendar, one of the things I want to schedule is Force on Force. The only other event currently scheduled in the latter part of the year is HEAT TL in October, which does involve force on force / UTM.

        Is there any way we can establish communication between some of you more prolific alumni to get a good date for FoF? I don’t want to end up having to scramble, and FoF really needs the full 18 to make it good (we can do up to 28. I need more than 2 months for notice to order the UTM ammunition.

        Over to you.


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          I’m out of it pretty much all of May through early June at least with some needed surgery being done. Outside of that, two here are good to go most any date for FOF.

          Lots of new folks showing up to HEAT1 a few weekends back up at VTC, let me tell you- YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOUR MISSING!!!

          FOF rounds out all the other training very well. Our goal has been to do this class and a CTT/Heat class at least once per year.

          We will fill one in Georgia in early winter if nothing else :good:

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          Mike Q

            My home project is taking place now, not in June as was originally scheduled. Therefore after mid May I’m good. My birthday is in July. A FoF class in July except for the 21st would be a great birthday present to myself.

            Our team has some new toys we want to try out in FoF.

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              I know it probably doesn’t help but Wildfire season keeps me pretty busy until October…

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