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        What do you use and why?

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          I don’t use it.

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          Brian from Georgia

            Gold Bond foot powder (in the blue bottle, not the regular GB in the gold bottle) works well for me. The bottle is kinda big for yor pack, though.

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            Mike H

              Gold Bond comes in travel size bottles….w/ a pair of spare socks in a ziplock…carried on my battle belt.

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                I look at it like this; your average foot sweats a cup a day. No amount of foot powder will absorb that much sweat. It will soak up what it can, and the rest will still be a problem. Not only that, it adds more small friction spots to rub the skin off your foot like fine grit sandpaper. If moisture is the problem, the solution is to have a place for that moisture to go. Wearing waterproof boots outside an extremely cold environment is a bad idea. It doesn’t give the sweat a place to go, and when it does finally dry, it leaves behind tiny salt crystals that build up and will break down your socks, skin, and boots. Having a canvas/mesh/breathable boot will let your sweat evaporate through the material, and you can rinse out the salt from your sweat. If it’s a fungus problem, coconut oil. Oil your feet. Oil your feet daily. It feels gross, but it kills microbes, fungus, and other assorted nasties on your feet. It also acts as a lubricant between your feet and socks and boots. It’s worked for me, and my feet smell like Hawaii instead of rancid meat. Pena Colada anyone?

            Viewing 4 reply threads
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