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        make sure you are well warmed up, especially posterior chain.

        5 Rounds for Time:
        8x Single Leg Deadlift (alternating legs for total of 4 each leg)
        8x Dips
        16x Situps

        -The single leg deadlift is an advanced movement requiring balance (and some flexibility) BUT this is one of the easiest ways to deadlift with little/no equipment, since the weights are going to be mild. You can use a sandbag, ammo cans, buckets, dumbells, barbell, whatever you have. Selecting a weight that is challenging but not killer really matters here. The line between too easy and too hard is relatively thin, so do some tests at the end of your warmup to dial in the weight.

        -Dips: two sawhorses work well, also two chairs, gymnastic rings are great (highly portable, can be set up many places, etc)

        Visual Learners:
        Single Leg Deadlift

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          6:41, 75 lbs sandbag. New movement with single leg deadlift, tried to focus on form overall for that. Thanks!

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            For those who’ve never done dips on gymnastic rings – I encourage you to try. Similar to doing dumbbell presses versus bench machine. You’re going to find the difficulty is a magnitude higher as your body is trying to stabilize itself while doing the exercises.

            I used 1″ webbing (2 pieces) with 4″ length of 1″ PVC pipe for handles, hung by a carabiner to a ceiling joist in the garage. For extra difficulty, make 2 sets and put your feet in one set, hands in the other.

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              7:57 w/ 101# sandbag and ring dips

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              Joe (G.W.N.S.)



                The Single Leg Deadlifts were a challenge not because of weight, but balance.

                One leg had no problem with form or balance, suspect it is remnant from balancing on it due to previous injury on other leg. Rock solid, but other leg not so much. ;-)

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                  40lbs and being super slow and careful with the lifts. Never done those before.

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                    7:40 55#KB

                    Have done several. Catching up posting.

                    I love it when I do one of these at the gym and suddenly then younger crowd “discovers” a new thing to do.
                    After I set it up (removalable mechanism) and had done 4 sets of dips, there was a line and I had to share. Stopped the clock of course.

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