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        Interesting article on first time gun buyers due to the virus and how that experience changed their stance on gun control.

        I know we saw many first time buyers.

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          One topic touched on in the article but not expanded is how the media portrays its agenda. Notice how one new gun-owner stated “suffered enough as a country from school shootings, and something needed to be done.” It’s how something is reported. Think of ALL the “schools” (at home) for the past 2 months, with all the stressors involved – how many at-home “school” shootings have occurred??

          The majority of people make decisions based on emotion and there is interesting data that even logical people still make an emotional decision at the end, after weighing the evidence.

          To me, the most important part of the OPs link is this – from Kane, “Never thought I’d be that guy taking his clueless-about-guns buddy to the gun store.” How we interact with new shooters may determine whether we have a new pro-2A person or a staunch anti-2A person – both of which WILL impact their friends and family.

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