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        I posted previously in: ‘MVT: Positioning, class scheduling and looking to 2020.

        This is a first pass at the 2020 schedule. It’s likely to look something like this. But this has not yet passed ‘family coordinating conference’ (i.e. wife) – so don’t think it is set in stone, although most of you will (!).

        I have not yet created events / tickets to book this yet (as per above) and once the dates are set I will do so.

        On that note, I did away with deposits for 2019. For 2020, I am likely to bring in something a little different. I don’t want to take your money for classes a year away. I have some flexibility within the booking system. I have toyed with the idea of only opening each class for booking 4 months out, but that may seem like it is booked up and deter people. So what I may do is create a deposit for anything up to 3 months out. Then make the class cheaper to book 3 months out, with an increasing price 2 months, then 1 month out. To encourage early bookings.

        I had a couple of issues with the scheduling of the night operations class, which needs some moon, which is why you will see it in April, not March.

        February: Texas 20230 Feb 23 – 29
        March: Potential Team Rekkr / Alumni weekend. TBD.
        April: Night Operations Apr 4-5.
        April: HEAT 1 Apr 16 – 19.
        May: Reconnaissance May 15-17.
        June: FoF Squad Tactics June 13-14
        July: HEAT 1 July 16-19.
        August: Reconnaissance Aug 14-16.
        September: CQBC Sep 18-20.
        October: HEAT 2 Combat Patrol Oct 15-18.
        November: Night Operations: Nov 7-8.
        December: HEAT 1 3-6 or maybe another Alumni / Team Rekkr weekend.

        I have made mistake before booking on weekends where people won’t show up. Such as Mother’s Day etc. Things have changed since the days of full patrol classes over Memorial Weekend! So I encourage you to please speak up if you see an unforeseen clash with a public holiday etc.

        This schedule does not include DCH and HEAT 0.5, which Scott will schedule once we nail this down.

        On that note, I see elections are Nov 3. Night Operations is: Nov 7-8. That is due to the best moon but not impacting on Thanksgiving, the next best moon at the end of the month. Is that gonna work?

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          I was hoping that CQBC was going to be in the spring, and certainly don’t expect you to change it for me. Do you think with the success of your most recent YT videos that class would fill faster early spring, rather than a year from now?

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              Why spring?

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              Why spring? My selfish desire to not let time go too far in between my trainings. Figured with the recent success of the YT videos it might be worth exploring; moving it up. CQBC has been on my “MVT Training List” for a while. This was a tough year, couldn’t make it happen. Anyhow, that class is a go for me next year, regardless of when you have it. I’m also looking at the potential Alumni/Rekkr weekend and FOF. Not that you needed to know MY specific plans, but that’s what I see myself taking next year.

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                Sept: CQBC Sept 16-10

                5 days & it goes backwards? :unsure:

                Is it meant to be 18-20 ?

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                  “Then make the class cheaper to book 3 months out, with an increasing price 2 months, then 1 month out. To encourage early bookings.”

                  This sounds like a good idea.

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                    Put a couple tentative classes on my calendar.

                    Hoping to get some new guys out for HEAT 1 in April, in which case I’ll come as well (probably be there either way). Also will hopefully be in for CQBC pending the corrected dates and/or HEAT 2.

                    In an initial stage; beginning to happen or develop.

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                      I corrected the typo for CQBC to Sep 18-20.

                      I heard what @robm said about a spring CQBC and I am ruminating on it, but I am not sure I can make it work. Given my promise to only schedule 1 class per month.

                      What I will do, is ask you guys again to give me feedback – If I put the schedule out pretty much as written above, but there are a bunch of you that want a class, then organize and come to me with it. We can negotiate dates that work and then put it up open enrollment to fill any remaining spaces. That is much better for me than tentatively throwing my sharpie at the year planner.

                      So what I will do is schedule the 1 class per month rule, whether as above or slightly amended. But I will be prepared to react to demand if people organize. Really want a CQBC in the spring? Then it will have to go as an additional weekend in a month, and I need a decent group of guys to come to me and state that you are solid bookings. This doesn’t make it a private class, it just means I have a reason to put another class up open enrollment.

                      May is a mother of a month to schedule with Mothers day and memorial day. But there are spare weekends in April and June.

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