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        Please RTWT. I ordered Dr. Fung’s book, started intermittant fasting the 1st week of May. To date, have lost 21lbs. Experienced more mental claruty and heightened energy levels as well. This really works for me.

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          Crap! The link did’nt come through. Apologies. Still learning to use this forum.

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              I will read this book and check into it. Thanks

              HEAT 1(CTT) X 3
              HEAT 2 (CP) X1
              FOF X3
              OPFOR X2
              CLC X2

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                Good book and Dr. Fung is a great resource where he can be found on the interwebs. It really helps to have a run of clean/keto eating first before you fast…otherwise it can be not-so-fun.

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                  went to check this out also and after reading over the article am going to order the book. Thanks for posting this. The link did not work for me so here is another try: link or just search “looking-for-a-cognitive-enhancer-skip-the-drugs-and-try-fasting-instead” should get you in the right direction.

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                    Intermittent fasting also is excellent for controlling Type II diabetes.

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                      @zeerf, thanks for the good link. This forum thing is all new to me. Haven’t quite got it all down yet.

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                        @jim anytime and no worries sir. You did all the work and honestly most here would probably figure it out on own but figured I would try and help.

                        I did order the book and looking forward to giving this a try.

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                          I’m maintaining now. Intermitant fasting, 24 hrs every other day. Supper to supper. Would rather do breakfast to breakfast, but early work hours prevent a family meal. So we eat together for the evening meal. On my fast day all i have is water and unsweetened green tea with fresh squeezed lemon juice.
                          BTW, PT in during a fast is absolutly AWESOME. Energy level is high, and recovery time is considerably shorter.
                          as ever, YMMV

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                            I experimented with fasting last month following the Snake Diet Protocol (warning: over the top personality and swearing at that YouTube link). That’s where you drink electrolytes and eat one 600-1000 calories carb-free meal every day or two. Took 5 weeks to drop 20 pounds and 2 pant sizes. I’m not advocating anyone do this, I’m just sharing info on what happened.

                            So within about 30-36 hours of not eating, the body shifts into ketosis as proven by ketone indicator strips. Once that happens, mental energy and clarity shoots up. In ketosis, body gets its calories mostly from fat rather than glucose, body fat in the case of fasting. That means it also stops cannibalizing muscle and tendon tissue for glucose, hence muscle mass stays relatively the same throughout the 5 weeks.

                            There’s 3-4 pounds of water loss the first couple days, which comes back after you quit, but that aside its mostly body fat that drops. Hence if you’re already lean, this won’t work. I had fat to lose, so it worked for me. If I ate a 600 calorie meal per day (example: 4oz of pan fried salmon + broccoli + some nuts) I was probably getting another 1200 calories from body fat per day. Was consistently losing around half a pound of fat per day.

                            Strength, performance, speed, power, were reduced during this. Forget HIIT workouts. This is not a diet to be on during tactical training. Hiking/walking was fine, but even if you sit on your ass all day the fat still drops.

                            I’m going to experiment with bulking for a month on a normal balanced diet, and cutting for a week, alternating back and forth, using this fasting protocol since it’s muscle sparing.

                            Just FYI.

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                              @TC your experience with Keto mirrors my own. Yay for fat loss, Nay for high activity levels.

                              There is emerging evidence that regular intermittent fasting (keeping all intake to a 9-12hr window everyday) changes body composition for better muscle/fat ratio with relatively steady macros. In theory, an easy habit to maintain that will continue to help over time.

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                              Joe (G.W.N.S.)

                                …Nay for high activity levels.

                                Some people report that giving enough time that changes for them. I suspect it is a specific trait that some can adapt. It never worked for me beyond an excellent emergency fat reduction.

                                I just throw this out there for balanced information.

                                I have no reason to doubt some can adapt, it didn’t work for me.

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