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        – How do I get the Training plan? You purchase the training plan on http://www.trainingpeaks.com/maxvelocity . You will create a FREE account on TrainingPeaks in order to access the plan. You can log into your account on TrainingPeaks.com at anytime to see your plan or print it off. You can even upload workouts if you have a training device like a Garmin 910XT or similar.

        – Can I print out the Training plan? Yes, You can print them. You can use the browser’s print function ctrl-p. If you do not like the output, go to the “classic” view on TrainingPeaks and hit the print icon. The “classic” view is accessed by clicking on your “login name” in the upper right corner and choosing “Switch to Classic”.

        – Once I am finished with the training plan, what do I do next? We have other plans, that you should review to see if they will fit your current new fitness level and/or goals. We also monitor the Training Forum and if you are unsure you can ask us there. The training plan can also be re-used, or move it to another date later in the year.

        – I can’t find the attached documents to the first day’s plan. Where are they? We have attached quite a few important documents to the FIRST DAY of every training plan. It’s important that you download and read them.

        (See attached Image for where to find the documents)

        – I have a question, I don’t understand something exactly. Where do I get some help? Please post in the training forum and we will answer as soon as we can. If you have an immediate question, email hunter@peakscoachinggroup.com

        – I can’t run anymore, can I still do this plan? Yes, we have included alternative exercises so you can still do the plan with adjustments. For example, using the elliptical machine instead of running might be a great alternative while still getting a good workout in. The alternative exercises are attached on the first day of each plan.

        – I can’t do push ups because my shoulder…., Can I still do this plan? Yes, just as with the cardio exercises, we have given you suggestions on alternatives for strength exercises. They are attached on the first day of the plan.

        – What are alternative exercises I can do? Instead of jogging/Tabbing/Running? Try Elliptical, rowing machine, cycling, stair climber, XC skier. Instead of Push-ups, try seated Bench press. There are plenty of alternatives you can do to the exercises we give you. The key is getting in the same work, so that the sets and reps and time is equivalent.

        – Which exercise ball should I buy and why do I need one?
        The reason for the exercise ball is to offset some of your weight when doing pull-ups. Pull-ups are hard as well all know. At my very best, I could only crack out 25 in a row and that was when I was very heavy into rock climbing. Now, I am psyched to do 10 in a row. So, I do 10, rest, do 10 more, then I get the exercise ball and stand on it and do as many as I can until I need to start off-setting some of my weight by pushing with my legs on the ball. That way I can do 20 more. Then rest one more time and crack out another 20, always doing them normally until I can’t, then I off-set the weight.
        So, with that all said, the best ball is one with “teats”. Yes, that’s what it looks like. Get one like this. http://www.promedxpress.com/products/cando-ball-with-feet/140-0045/?sourcecode=PGOOPF&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&kwid=bingproductads-plaid^19016725037-sku^140 0045@ADL4PROMED@ADL10BMC-adType^PLA-device^c-adid^4361563928

        – Which GPS or Heart rate monitor should I buy?

        The GPS watch you want is one that is also a Heart Rate Monitor along with ability to record your workout. You can actually upload your workout to the TrainingPeaks.com website and track your progression. Of course, this is optimal and if you are on a budget(who isn’t!), then go for a less expensive one. First preference is the Garmin 910XT https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/into-sports/running/forerunner-910xt/prod90671.html

        Second preference is the Garmin 210. Make sure you select the one with the HR strap and if budget allows, the foot pod. https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/into-sports/running/forerunner-210/prod83280.html

        There are others out there that are similar to Garmin. Timex, Sunnto, etc. I have just found that Garmins are easy to use, work well, and have accurate data.

        If you just want a HR monitor, then get a simple one. The Garmin 15 is very good. https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/into-sports/running/forerunner-15/prod145621.html

        – How do I weigh my bergen? Best to get a hanging/fish type scale that goes up to a sufficient weight. This is a great example: Weston 150 Pound Spring and Hook Scale (http://www.amazon.com/Weston-Pound-Spring-Hook-Scale/dp/B0027AL0MI/ref=sr_1_36?ie=UTF8&qid=1418746767&sr=8-36&keywords=fish scale)

        – What is tabbing? What is a TAB? Bergen Marching, or ‘Tabbing,’ is an acquired skill. It is a loaded march using a mix of running downhill, ‘shuffle running’ on the flat, and walking fast uphill. The walking part is a speed walk where you extend the legs and swing the arms.

        – What ‘pack’ do I need? As you progress through the training, it will be useful to have a smaller patrol pack style bergen and a larger one. The smaller patrol pack can be utilized for the initial lighter weights, and when you get up to around 25 lb you can move to the larger bergen.

        – How to pack my bergen? Carry your bergen weight in bulkier items. Pack light at the bottom of your bergen and heavier at the top . A sleeping bag on the bottom works well. Don’t go for heavy single items like ammo cans or similar – it will form a ‘cannon ball ‘ swinging on your back and make it harder. It is useful to pack items that will actually help you survive if you are injured and stranded out there – make it a real combat load on your back.

        – Waist belt / Chest Straps? You can utilize waist belts and chest straps on your bergen in order to stabilize the weight and reduce bouncing. It is also fine to simply use the shoulder straps. Make sure all your straps are tightened down well before setting off, it will reduce bounce. This will also reduce potential chafing to the kidney area of your back.

        – What about chafing? When tabbing, wear spandex style shorts under your hiking pants, in order to reduce chafing between the thighs. You may also want to use petroleum jelly on your butt area in order to reduce chafing there.

        – Blisters? Tape up your feet – heels and balls of the feet as necessary – using strips of sport tape, in order to reduce blisters, When running with a bergen, you may get bergen burn across the kidney area, due to excessive bounce – if so, tape this area up as well.

        – Use orthopedic insoles and good boots, either hiking or military style, with ankle support. Make sure the boots are broken in.

        – Safety: Make sure you have a high visibility belt or bib across bergen you are tabbing with, if you are on roads, to avoid getting run over!
        Make sure you hydrate, and carry sufficient water for the task. The water should be independent of your bergen weight. Bergen weights are ‘dry weights’.


        Bergen: rucksack. This is a British Military term that derives from the town of Bergen in Norway, where modern rucksack design originated.

        TAB: This is the word for a ruck march. It derives from ‘Tactical Advance to Battle.’ It will employ a mixture of running downhill, shuffling/running on the flat, and speed walking uphill, in order to rapidly cover ground.

        ‘Tabbing’: This is the activity of going on a TAB. It is also employed to describe the speed walking part of the TAB, rather than the running/shuffling part. When tabbing, if not running, you are driving forwards at a fast walk, opening the legs and driving forwards.

        Endurance March: A longer, slower TAB.

        Speed March: Shorter, faster TAB.

        Bergen Run: This is where the whole march is conducted at a run – for shorter distances.

        ‘2-Miler’: This is a specific Bergen Run test, run with 30 lb and weapon over a 2 miles course.

        Heavy Carry: A TAB at a slower place carrying deliberately heavy weight. This originated in support weapons platoons where weapon such as anti-tank platforms/missiles and heavy machine guns were carried in addition to a bergen.

        ‘Shuffle’: this is a running technique with a bergen where you keep your feet closer to the ground and reduce bounce. It is equivalent to a jog.

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          FAQs have been updated and added to!

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            Just a quick question I didn’t see addressed. Of course that may be due to exhaustion from today’s workout!

            In adding weight to the bergen, the instructions say “add 15 lbs”. what should the entire bergen weigh at this point? Mine is close to 10 lbs without the added weight (water, bergen).

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              pixleman- Add 15lbs to empty bergen, so maybe it’s 18lbs total? Is your empty bergen 10lbs? What the heck kind is that? Anyhow, if it is, then add 15lbs to that sucker.

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                It’s actually less empty, but with hydration bladder filled and other “stuffing” to keep weights from shifting, its 26 pounds total. At least I’m getting a good workout!

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                  Got a question. I just got done with today’s endurance march. The exercise is 1 hour long with a cool down of 10 minutes. When I use the garmin to track I start it at the beginning of the exercise (after warm ups) and stop it before the cool down so I am only tracking what happens during. So should I turn on the garmin for the entire time (warmup and cooldown) or continue like I have been?

                  When I upload the info the exercise will show yellow and not green until I add in my warmup/cooldown times but when I do the pace time changes. Am I doing this correctly?

                  This plan rocks :good:

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                    I’d like to know about this also. I haven’t been adding in my warm ups and cool downs either.

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                    Mike H

                      I’ll pipe up and say I add the warm up time…it drives your pace time up in number but if you want you can add notes about your actual pace in the post comments. Now I did the 8 miler today and didn’t add the warm up…put I warmed up in the post activity comments(along w/ temp. and road conditions).

                      I have added some 30 minute walks to my strength days that allow me to walk with my wife in the early am. I just change the type of workout to “crosstrain” and change the length of time for the workout.

                      I would encourage all in the plans to play around with the calendar…there are some neat stuff you can do…I found out by trial and error. I actually have workouts scheduled thru Feb 2016 w/ a MVT class w/ the travel time in May. I purchased two different plans and alternated them thru the calendar. You can go in and schedule your purchased plan(s) several times thru the year if you want.

                      Good luck w/ your training! :good:

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                      Wild Bill

                        Max, I see two different Beginner Plans what is the difference between them?

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                        Mike H

                          Bill, One is designed to improve your tactical fitness overall and the other is preparing to attend one of MVT’s classes. I actually had purchased both and move them around the calendar. I recommend the plans :good:

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                          Wild Bill

                            Thanks Mike H, sounds like a general one would be best then maybe an intermediate one to ramp up for a CP class.

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                              The TrainingPeaks link 404s now. Is this moved or is it offered somewhere in the forum now?

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